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So, you think you can drive distracted?

Distracted Driving examples

Whether you are a professional truck driver or just part of the general motoring public, distracted driving is probably something we've all done, likely even without thinking about it.

Some common examples of distracted driving are when you’re heading down the highway and your phone buzzes: it’s your spouse, texting to see when you’ll be home. So, you mindlessly type a quick reply back. Or, your stomach starts to growl an hour into your trip to the cabin, and you remember you’ve got a bag of chips in the back seat – so you reach around and grab it, thinking nothing of it. But, both of these are examples of distracted driving, and it’s not safe.

It’s easy to think “it won’t happen to me”, or, “this is just a quick text”. But, collisions can happen very quickly, even to safe drivers. So, that's why we set out to debunk the myth that you can drive while distracted and still drive safely.

We put three professional Drivers to the ultimate distracted driving test in our state-of-the-art Driver training simulator. We sent Mike, a 20-year Bison veteran Driver with well over 2 million safe driving miles, Naldeep, a new trainee in our Driver Finishing Program, and Roberto, an In-cab Instructor, down a simulated highway scenario to see how they dealt with multiple distractions including answering a text, receiving a phone call, and reaching for a snack.

You’ll see for yourself that each of these distractions compromised the Drivers focus on the road, and in many instances, almost caused serious accidents.

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As the Safest Fleet in North America, we want everyone to make it home safe, every time they get in a vehicle. We hope this video encourages you to turn off your cell phones, keep your snacks within reach, and ultimately, practice safe, distraction-free driving each and every day. 

So, you STILL think you can drive distracted? YOU CAN'T! 

What are the distractions that you find hard to avoid while driving? Tell us in the comments below.

FREE GUIDE: Bison is committed to ensuring every driver makes it home safely, which is why we have created a guide called the: “9 Essentials Of Sharing The Road Safely With Trucks”.

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