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#CountTheBison: the best summer road trip game around!

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Move over, Punch Buggy! Bison has a new summer road trip game for you and your family. 

Summer is synonymous with family road trips, and we wanted to have some fun with the #CountTheBison phenomenon. 


We often get comments from folks who are new to Bison, and their families, about how many Bison trucks they see on the road. With so many trucks on the road, and as North America’s Safest Trucking fleet, we feel it is even more important for us to be leaders in safety. Our professional Drivers are incredibly skilled and we frequently get feedback from the general motoring public about how responsible our Drivers are on the road. We hope you experience that for yourself.

Next time you’re on the road with your family, whether it is on the east or west coast, or the U.S., #CountTheBison and post the date, your origin and destination, the number of Bison Trucks spotted on your trip, and if you can, a photo from your family's travels. You can let us know this information in the comments below. At the end of summer, we will do a drawing for two annual CAA Premiere memberships: one for a Bison employee (we want you to play, too) and one for someone who doesn’t work at Bison. 

Oh, and don’t forget to wave to our hardworking professional Drivers who are sharing the road with you! Please drive safe this summer.

Wherever the road may take you, we'll be there!

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