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Garth Pitzel, Director, Safety & Driver Development

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Making Bison History 1 Million Miles at a Time

It’s a feat like nobody has ever achieved at Bison Transport. Roger Maltman has accumulated 3.25 million safe driving miles. Maltman sat down for a chat with our corporate marketing team hours before he received the honour in November at the company's Annual Dinner & Awards celebration in Winnipeg.

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ATA Shares Update on 'Out-of-Service' ELD Enforcement

Here is a quick update on the ELD (Electronic Logging Devices) regulations coming into effect December 18, 2017, specifically how the CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) will handle 'Out-of-Service' violations.

On August 28, 2017, CVSA issued a letter to the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) to confirm how the inspectors will be handling this new regulation. The inspectors will begin issuing citations for tractors operating without ELDs. They will not begin putting tractors out of service until April 1, 2018. This will provide the motor carrier industry, shippers, and the roadside enforcement community with time to adjust to the new ELD requirement with minimal disruption to the delivery of goods. These citations will affect a carrier's CSA score.

We have compiled some resources for you to learn more about ELDs and this recent update:

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Distracted Driving Awareness Month: Get Home Safe!

In many ways, recent improvements in technology have improved the lives of professional Drivers, making it easier to connect with loved ones at home or share a video of life on the road.

But these advances in technology have also come with drawbacks and, in this case, the drawbacks have potentially life-threatening consequences. With such easy access to so much technology, distracted driving now leads to thousands of fatalities throughout North America each year. The issue has become so prevalent that the National Safety Council (NSC) observes April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

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Becoming North America's Safest Fleet: Our Safety Story


After building a foundation of industry-leading service throughout the 1970s and '80s, Bison made safety the focal point of its business in the '90s and has been recognized as North America's Safest Fleet 10 consecutive times since.

In an industry like ours, time is of the essence. With goods being moved all over North America, and all under tight deadlines, shippers, carriers and drivers are always under pressure to get a load to a destination on time. Sometimes, that means bending the rules and putting their drivers and their business at risk.

Today, there are still many carriers doing whatever they can get away with to get a job done and considering any fines that come with it to be the cost of doing business. Even at Bison, where we’ve been recognized as North America’s Safest Fleet for 10 consecutive years, there was a time many years ago when our safety protocol lacked.

That all changed in 1993, when Bison had its “day of reckoning.” The US Department of Transportation (DOT) did an audit and their findings were unsatisfactory. The result was immediate action from our owner, Duncan Jessiman, who stated that from that point on we would run a legal business. Gone were the days of fudging log books and bending the rules - skirting the boundaries was no longer an option.

But this was about more than just being legal, the new approach meant a complete culture change within our organization. Safety would no longer be viewed as a compliance requirement at Bison, it would become the focal point of our business.

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Roger Maltman Becomes First Bison Driver To Achieve 3 Million Consecutive Safe Miles

Bison Transport is excited to announce that Roger Maltman of Winnipeg has become its first driver to complete three million consecutive accident-free miles.

Roger has been a company driver at Bison since September 1994 and has explored many different lanes throughout his 21-year career with us. He reached the milestone on his way to Calgary on Tuesday.

“Ultimately it’s me behind the wheel, but there are a large group of people doing their jobs with expertise, which enables me to do mine at a high performance level,” Roger said. “We have the best equipment there is and a great operations staff.”

Roger has run 1.8 million of his safe miles as part of Bison’s long combination vehicle (LCV) network, hauling two 53-foot trailers simultaneously with a single tractor. Long combination vehicles are cost-effective, induce less stress on the highway system and are environmentally superior in terms of fuel consumption and Greenhouse gas emissions.

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Innovation In Driver Comfort & Safety

Bison recently participated in a case study that uncovered the Impact of Ride Quality on Truck Driver Health & Safety. Bose, with the help of Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) conducted a study to uncover the positive impacts resulting from the use of their Bose Ride System Seat. Bison purchased 60 seats and supplied 65 Drivers to participate in the trial. The results were compelling!

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North America's Safest Fleet!

2014 was a historic year for Bison Transport and 2015 has also gotten off to a good start with the recent announcement that Bison Transport has once again received first place in the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) National Fleet Safety Award for the 9th consecutive year, followed by the Grand Prize award. This is our 8th Grand Prize, which solidifies our position as the “Safest Fleet in North America.”

In 2014 we were awarded our 4th consecutive American Trucking Associations (ATA) Safe Fleet Award. We were also recognized as one of the 2015 Best Fleets to Drive For. Only 20 carriers are selected to be part of this program. This is the 5th time in the contest’s seven year history Bison has earned this distinction.

These awards can only be attributed to our culture of safety and to our employees who completely support our safety programs.

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