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Safe Driving Rewards Program Issues Over $27 Million To Drivers

As safety becomes increasingly prevalent in the transportation industry, safe driving rewards programs are becoming more and more common. With drivers looking for opportunities to increase their earnings, companies are offering significant financial rewards to drivers who have a proven track record of safety on the road.

As the industry leader in safety, Bison Transport's Safe Driving Rewards Program (SDRP) was one of the first of its kind and has proven to be one of the most successful rewards programs in the transportation space. Established in 2005, Bison's SDRP has issued over $27 million in financial rewards to its Drivers since its inception.


Roger has completed over 3.25 million consecutive safe driving miles.

"The Safe Driving Rewards Program gives us a monetary incentive to focus on safety, working our way up the bonus scale mile by mile, with a sense of pride," said Roger Maltman, a Bison Driver who is on pace to reach 3.5 million safe driving miles this year.

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3 ways to a flexible trucking career that works for you!

Are you thinking of ways to spend more time with your family and doing the things that you love, while still earning a regular income?

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Bison Transport's Top 5 Videos of 2016

There is a lot of exciting planning and preparation that happens behind the scenes when it comes to making videos, and 2016 was a big year for video production at Bison. We produced more videos than ever before, and tried many new and innovative ideas! As we move into the New Year, we’ll be working on even more videos and creating live content, giving you, the viewers, the inside scoop on what’s happening at Bison.

It was you who took the took the time to watch our content and ultimately, decided which videos were the most popular. So, let’s get right to it and take a look at our Top 5 videos of 2016.

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There's no ‘I’ in Team, but there is a ‘Me’ in Mentor

I was ready to turn 40, in fact, I was actually looking forward to it. With six months to go, I felt prepared and ready for the next chapter. I had accomplished a lot in the past 40 years and I was excited for what was upcoming.

For those of you over 40, I wonder if you found the same conflicting emotions. On one hand, I still felt like a teenager and I realized that fart jokes would always be funny, but, I also saw that spending my days as a senior were not as distant as they once were. In the same day, I would be bombing through the monkey trails in winter on my mountain bike, but, then also think that I need to put on foot spikes in the parking lot so I don’t slip and get hurt. I was even called an old man at hockey once! I have been called a lot worse, but, being called an old man hurts. That’s cruel. 

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Both sides of the coin: Denis Wallin's mentorship story

At Bison Transport, we strive to empower our people in many ways. One of these ways is encouraging a culture of mentorship – in both a formal and informal capacity.  You've already read about Dave Fulawka, and how he engages in mentorship in a variety of ways, both at work and in his personal life. In the Bison Transporter's second installment on mentorship, Denis Wallin shares some thoughts about his time in Bison's Driver Finishing Program and how it inspired him to become an In-cab Instructor

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Empowering our people through mentorship

The first principle of our Bison mission is to empower our people. One of the ways we do this is by fostering mentorship relationships – both formal and informal. As a person who has received mentorship over time, I’ve been the benefactor of working with mentors who intentionally met with me to help me grow in specific ways and they invested heavily in me as a person. I’ve also experienced 'mentorship in the moment' many times. Sometimes, I haven't even realized I’ve received mentorship until I've looked back and gain some perspective about how a situation has progressed or changed.

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Following an “unconventional” dream

Here at Bison we celebrate diversity. Last month, we held Diversity Week across our terminals: a week of learning and recognition of the many diverse employees in the Bison Family. We don’t just embrace diversity during this one week; we take pride in being a diverse company every day of the year. 

Billie-Jo Laird is a Level 1 Tractor Apprentice at Bison's Winnipeg Maintenance Shop

Billie-Jo Laird is making big strides in a largely male dominated profession. She is a Level 1 Tractor Apprentice in the Bison Maintenance Shop. Bison has seen an increased interest from women looking to get into this profession. 

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Bison sets new grads up for success

At Bison, one of our core values is success. We cultivate the aggressive pursuit of success in all of our employees and Drivers, from senior management right down to those who join us as students.

Take Scott Greenhalgh for example. Scott started at Bison in December 2009 as a University of Manitoba’s Asper School of Business Co-operative Education student. The Co-op program combines traditional classroom education with placements in practical work environments. Students, like Scott, are able to develop both theoretical knowledge and practical skills throughout the pursuit of their degree and make a smooth transition into the workforce after graduation.

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Petra the Peterbilt: A Love Story

You've met Roger, a professional Company Driver with Bison, a few times already. Recently, Roger sent us an email sharing a story about his Peterbilt truck. We found it heartwarming so we thought we'd share it with you, too! Enjoy...


“Wow, nice truck! I didn't know Bison had Peterbilts … " I hear this a lot, also .. "Now that is a nice company truck!"

I drive a 2016 Peterbilt 579. I've been driving it for seven months now and I absolutely love it. I'm often asked why, so I decided to write about my love affair with 'Petra'. Yes, I've named my truck, and sometimes I even talk to her.


Petra the Peterbilt

It all started about 30 years ago. As a young boy I got a toy truck for Christmas. "It's a transfer truck”, my mom proclaimed. It was a Peterbilt replica, with the big chrome stacks and Canadian Tire emblems on the box. I would zig-zag it across the floor, and forever dream of someday driving a big Pete of my own.


Fast forward to 2008, I've just graduated from a Transport training academy and passed my class one. A small company with about a dozen trucks gives me my first ride. It was a Kenworth W900: a big truck with a Detroit engine and an 18-speed manual transmission. I spent my first two years running the BC Rockies. I was living the dream. But when the company started to have financial trouble during the recession in 2010, I began to look for more stability and better miles.

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Tiny’s Tech Shop 101

When you think of someone being tech-savvy, you probably think of an IT professional or maybe your tween flipping between Instagram, Snapchat, texts and Facebook. What you might not necessarily think of is a professional truck Driver. Bison Transport is already a leader in the industry with state of the art technology: every aspect of our business is optimized by our use of technology including satellite equipped trailers, iTools, e-invoicing, electronic logging devices and trailer tracking, but some of our Drivers are extremely tech savvy, too!

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