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4 HOT Tips to Start Tractors in COLD Weather


Click to see 4 HOT Tips for Starting Trucks in Cold Weather InfographicCold weather starts on diesel trucks can be especially tough on the vehicle. Four things are necessary to achieve a smooth start:
  1. Free flowing diesel fuel
  2. Heat at combustion point
  3. Free flowing oil
  4. A strong enough battery

In order to achieve the above, here are some starting tips that should always be followed in cold weather: 

  1. Ensure you have enough fuel purchased in northern climates in your tanks – fuel purchased in southern climates is usually not treated for cold weather and will gel, causing fuel flow problems. 
  1. In order to ensure enough heat at the combustion point and optimize battery strength, follow these steps to start your truck:
  • Turn ignition key to the “ON” position which is as far as the key will go before the starter begins to crank.
  • Wait 10 SECONDS until all gauges (including glow plug or pre-heater indicator) have reset and dashboard lights go OFF.
  • Turn the key until the engine starts but never for more than 15 seconds.
  • If the engine does not start within 15 seconds, remove the key completely and wait a full 2 minutes before starting the procedure again.
  1. When possible, plug in your block heater overnight to ensure free flowing oil 


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