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Stay Safe by Staying Fit

Not many people enjoy being cramped in an airplane – barely able to move for hours while impatiently waiting to land at their destination. The situation is little different for drivers since there is more room to move around in your seat but long hours of sitting can take their toll on your patience and your body.

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Tiny’s Tech Shop 101

When you think of someone being tech-savvy, you probably think of an IT professional or maybe your tween flipping between Instagram, Snapchat, texts and Facebook. What you might not necessarily think of is a professional truck Driver. Bison Transport is already a leader in the industry with state of the art technology: every aspect of our business is optimized by our use of technology including satellite equipped trailers, iTools, e-invoicing, electronic logging devices and trailer tracking, but some of our Drivers are extremely tech savvy, too!

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You Don't Have To Be A Super Hero To Save Lives: Use An AED!

Posted on May 18, 2016 by Bison 0 Comments ↓

NAOSH Week (May 1- 7) at Bison was a busy and an educational week for everyone at all our terminals. The NAOSH theme “Make safety a habit” was explored in many ways, including fire safety, sleep deprivation and general first aid, including an automated external defibrillator (AED) demonstration.

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Do You Get Enough Sleep?

Posted on May 16, 2016 by Bison 0 Comments ↓


Zoe and Brian from Medi-Gas
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Do Your Fire Safety Skills P.A.S.S.?

Posted on May 13, 2016 by Bison 0 Comments ↓

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NAOSH Week 2016: Make safety a habit

Posted on May 9, 2016 by Bison 1 Comment ↓

This year’s theme for NAOSH Week May 2nd – 6th was to “Make safety a habit”. Activities were held throughout the week and were designed to engage everyone at all Bison terminals. With these activities came prizes, and lots of them. Participation in an activity earned a stamp on your “safety passport” for a chance to win the NAOSH Week grand prize.

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Bison Launches 3-Trailer XLCV Configuration (April Fools!)

UPDATE: Thank you for all of your comments. While we are still highly focused on sustainability and safety we will not be launching the XLCV fleet. April Fool Day!!!”

Original Post Below:

Bison Transport is excited to announce the launch of its 3-Trailer Extra Long Combination Vehicle (XLCV) Fleet, effective immediately.

At over 160 feet in length, the three-trailer configuration is designed to improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The new configuration will also allow Bison to move more freight at greater speeds throughout the continent, improving our expedited operations and allowing us to better serve our diverse customer base. To the surprise of many, initial research has also proven that the three trailer configuration is the safest on the road, furthering Bison's reputation as North America's Safest Fleet.

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Celebrating Women at Bison

To celebrate women in the transportation industry, Bison is excited to share several stories from women who have had great success in our business. We encourage you to keep up with us as we continue share stories about women in trucking and work to expand the impact of women in trucking.

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CentrePort (Part IV): Impact On The Trucking Industry

As Canada’s first tri-modal inland port and Foreign Trade Zone, CentrePort offers direct access to national and international rail, truck and air cargo operations.

More than just a trade centre, CentrePort expects to bring major change to the Winnipeg landscape, driving economic growth and adding value to the community.

We sat down with CentrePort President and CEO, Diane Gray, to learn more about North America’s largest inland port and the impact it could have on the local community and North America’s transportation industry. As a transportation leader, Bison Transport is heavily invested in the development of our industry and we are excited to partner with CentrePort as we continue to drive our economy.

This is the final instalment in our four-part series:

CentrePort and the Trucking Industry

While CentrePort certainly has the potential to make a positive impact on a much larger community, there will obviously be a very direct impact on companies like Bison and the trucking industry - with 70 per cent of the industry already located in the CentrePort area.

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CentrePort (Part III): Sustainability And The Community


Gray announces CentrePort's involvement in the "Trees for Tomorrow" initiative.
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