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December 04, 2019

New Degree, No Job?

Many organizations are hesitant to hire recent university graduates because of their limited experience. There are some perceptions about millennials such as a sense of entitlement and a poor work ethic that make finding employment more difficult.

At Bison we haven’t found this to be the case. We actively hire new grads and have found them to be tech-savvy, talented, flexible and socially conscious. They are a great addition to our company and have made many positive contributions while learning and developing.

Due to the success of our recent grads we've formalized our New Grad Program (NGP). All students are matched up with a mentor and rotate through specific functional areas at Bison. The purpose of mentoring in the NGP is to provide an opportunity for new graduates to develop a relationship with an assigned mentor who can offer advice and insight on the Transportation Industry, as well as the strategic direction that Bison Transport is pursuing. The mentor shares job related information and personal experiences with the New Grad to help them navigate their own career.

Here is Jason's story:

Bison Transport employee who recently graduated university

In your opinion what are the benefits of the New Grad Program?

The New Grad Program allows candidates to learn a variety of different roles within the business, gaining a valuable tool set in a short amount of time. This strategy of on-boarding allows management to assess the individual while also determining if an aptitude exists in a particular area. From the other side, the candidate is able to develop a better picture of the business units and can define which areas are of most interest and where they would like to see themselves in a more permanent role.

What skills/new knowledge have you learned through the New Grad Program?

I have gained technical knowledge, learning a variety of our standard system applications and how they talk to each other. Through Customer Service, I have been learning from our customers: what they value, how we provide good service, and how we remedy problems that arise.

Did you expect to be working for a trucking company after graduation?

I suppose not. I wasn’t aware of all the opportunities for a commerce grad at Bison. Essentially, every commerce major can be applied in some way at Bison. We have marketing, finance, accounting, human resource, supply chain and logistics related jobs. Any student looking for work shouldn’t veer away of the trucking industry. There are many different business facets within the industry where you can apply your education.

Why is Bison Transport a positive choice for new grads?

Small work units allow for personal growth and focused coaching, while Bison's size requires departments that span many aspects of business, presenting opportunities characteristic of a large company.

Where do you hope your career path lands at the end of the program?

I hope to have gained a solid tool-set of skills and valuable knowledge of three to four different business units that will set me up well for a role that challenges me. I am interested in a career path that allows me to make an impact and offers increased levels of decision-making. I hope to demonstrate my capabilities for succeeding with work, providing value to Bison, and communicating with others in order to prepare for leadership role.

Employee timeline of jobs at Bison Transport

Do you have any interesting stories or experiences relating to the New Grad Program?

Yes, for anyone considering the New Grad Program at Bison I would highly recommend it. In the short time I have been here, I have seen “students who came through the New Grad Program grow their careers into leadership positions and it’s motivating!” Bison hires many students, which has made my transition from school into the workforce a lot easier. “Students at Bison are given meaningful and engaging work often times with exposure to executives.” Not many organizations offer this kind of experience to students. If you are a recent graduate and looking to start your career check out Bison - it’s an excellent place to work!

Click here, to learn more about our New Grad Program and apply.

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