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August 04, 2016

Tiny’s Tech Shop 101

When you think of someone being tech-savvy, you probably think of an IT professional or maybe your tween flipping between Instagram, Snapchat, texts and Facebook. What you might not necessarily think of is a professional truck Driver. Bison Transport is already a leader in the industry with state of the art technology: every aspect of our business is optimized by our use of technology including satellite equipped trailers, iTools, e-invoicing, electronic logging devices and trailer tracking, but some of our Drivers are extremely tech savvy, too!

If you’ve been following our Canada/US Northeast Short Haul series, you’ve met Nick “Tiny” Caleca. He’s already shared with us all of the reasons why he likes the Eastern Seaboard run. In this video, Tiny explains all of the tech gear he travels with and how he’s created his own little office in the cab of his truck.

Tiny went to school for electronic engineering and computer programming, but decided to make a career as a professional Driver because of the opportunity for travel. He’s incorporated his tech knowledge into his day-to-day and has been able to make things more efficient for himself while he’s on the road.

Tiny’s Tech Gear:

Tiny has a collection of tech equipment in his truck. Some of his gear includes:

By being able to store and print all of his own documentation needed for his day-to-day, Tiny is able to save himself time, while still doing his job properly – allowing him to avoid delays and get home sooner at the end of the day.

“There’s devices to help us along the way that make our lives easier while we’re driving. Having them in my truck means I’m able to concentrate more on the road and less on the paperwork and what’s going to happen once I get to my destination,” Tiny says.

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