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Following an “unconventional” dream

Here at Bison we celebrate diversity. Last month, we held Diversity Week across our terminals: a week of learning and recognition of the many diverse employees in the Bison Family. We don’t just embrace diversity during this one week; we take pride in being a diverse company every day of the year. 

Billie-Jo Laird is a Level 1 Tractor Apprentice at Bison's Winnipeg Maintenance Shop

Billie-Jo Laird is making big strides in a largely male dominated profession. She is a Level 1 Tractor Apprentice in the Bison Maintenance Shop. Bison has seen an increased interest from women looking to get into this profession. 

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Bison teams 'bring it' for charity


Blazing Bison team members paddle their hearts out at the FMG Dragon Boat Festival
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Are YOU Ready to Rock?

The Four Disciplines of Execution campaign (4DX) allows our organization to come together and agree on a gap we see in the business, and then work together to close the gap.


4DX 3.0 kicks off in Winnipeg!

 While the first 4DX was about “more” (increasing revenue) and 4DX 2.0 focused on “better” (driving efficiencies), our third 4DX campaign and most ambitious yet, focuses on both “more” and “better”. 

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Bison sets new grads up for success

At Bison, one of our core values is success. We cultivate the aggressive pursuit of success in all of our employees and Drivers, from senior management right down to those who join us as students.

Take Scott Greenhalgh for example. Scott started at Bison in December 2009 as a University of Manitoba’s Asper School of Business Co-operative Education student. The Co-op program combines traditional classroom education with placements in practical work environments. Students, like Scott, are able to develop both theoretical knowledge and practical skills throughout the pursuit of their degree and make a smooth transition into the workforce after graduation.

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Blazin' Paddlers rep Bison Transport at the Manitoba Dragon Boat Festival

Blazing Bison Dragon Boat team at the Manitoba Dragon Boat Festival

Each year CancerCare Manitoba Foundation and the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba join forces with FMG Dragon Boat for the Manitoba Dragon Boat Festival.

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'Cause we got a mighty convoy

Bison Transport Trucks at the 2015 World's Largest Truck Convoy

At Bison, we show our support and spirit for many different causes. Our participation in the World’s Largest Truck Convoy is a perfect example. For more than five years, Bison has participated in the Truck Convoy, and each year we partake, the number of Bison trucks involved grows. This year, there will be 30 Bison trucks in the Manitoba convoy!

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Celebrating Trucking in Canada

When I was asked to write an article for National Trucking Week (NTW) 2016, I decided to poll various people in and around Bison Transport to tell me what NTW meant to them. It was interesting to see how individuals across all regions perceive NTW. Bison’s Drivers were mentioned for their achievements over the years, as well as peoples’ family members and friends in the industry and their contributions to transportation. During NTW, Bison Transport would like to take the time to appreciate, recognize and celebrate all of the hard work professional truck Drivers do day-in and day-out.

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