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Are YOU Ready to Rock?

The Four Disciplines of Execution campaign (4DX) allows our organization to come together and agree on a gap we see in the business, and then work together to close the gap.


2016sep_4dx-3-0-kickoff_winnipeg-7 4DX 3.0 kicks off in Winnipeg!

 While the first 4DX was about “more” (increasing revenue) and 4DX 2.0 focused on “better” (driving efficiencies), our third 4DX campaign and most ambitious yet, focuses on both “more” and “better”. 


4dx-calgaryOn the heels of a successful and fun 4DX 2.0 campaign that focused on creating efficiencies in our business, Bison is building on this momentum with a new focus: stability and diversity. Our 3.0 campaign’s “Rock Star” theme will allow teams to raise their game and “Rock” our customers, employees and Driver’s worlds!  To achieve our goal, we need more teams to work on closing the gap – more people; greater results!  

Over the next ten months, 4DX teams will focus on our Wildly Important Goal (WIG) of growing revenue by $32 million which is directly in line with our larger company goal of increasing our revenue by 50% by the year 2020. Growth ultimately helps all of our stakeholders. It allows us to offer Bison customers increased capacity and better quality service. For Bison Drivers, it provides an opportunity for greater income, stability and options for work. For Bison office staff, it creates new opportunities to do different types of work and expand experience.

How will we be able to achieve such a lofty goal? Commitment

Teams will work to meet our WIG through achieving three battles:

  • Aggressively building our emerging business opportunities to bring new customers to our business, creating diversity and stability, and directly driving revenue growth
  • Increasing Internal and External Service Quality to improve stability in customer relationships and create an environment where more work will be made available to us
  • Focusing on Productivity of our assets and processes to create more capacity available for our customers and growth opportunity for our staff and Drivers

We’ve set out our most ambitious goal yet, but with our whole organization on board, we’re confident we’ll be able to rock to the top of the charts!


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