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Bison Goes To School: Team Members Work With Local Students To Promote Literacy

It’s no secret that child literacy rates correlate strongly with future success, and with a recent study demonstrating that the number of books in a child’s home is linked directly to academic achievement, the need for promotion of reading, and access to the necessary resources, at a young age has never been greater.

In an effort to promote the importance of literacy in our community, several Bison Transport team members joined Corus Entertainment and First Book Canada this morning to donate books to kids at Winnipeg’s Brooklands School and had the opportunity to sit down and read with them afterward.

"Price is the number one barrier to book ownership." - First Book Canada

Grade one and two students from Brooklands were treated to an exciting presentation by Maureen Fergus, author of The Day My Mom Came to Kindergarten, before signed copies of the book were given to each student to take home and keep. After the presentation, volunteers from Bison and Corus Entertainment read with the students and gave each of them additional books to take home.

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Becoming North America's Safest Fleet: Our Safety Story


After building a foundation of industry-leading service throughout the 1970s and '80s, Bison made safety the focal point of its business in the '90s and has been recognized as North America's Safest Fleet 10 consecutive times since.

In an industry like ours, time is of the essence. With goods being moved all over North America, and all under tight deadlines, shippers, carriers and drivers are always under pressure to get a load to a destination on time. Sometimes, that means bending the rules and putting their drivers and their business at risk.

Today, there are still many carriers doing whatever they can get away with to get a job done and considering any fines that come with it to be the cost of doing business. Even at Bison, where we’ve been recognized as North America’s Safest Fleet for 10 consecutive years, there was a time many years ago when our safety protocol lacked.

That all changed in 1993, when Bison had its “day of reckoning.” The US Department of Transportation (DOT) did an audit and their findings were unsatisfactory. The result was immediate action from our owner, Duncan Jessiman, who stated that from that point on we would run a legal business. Gone were the days of fudging log books and bending the rules - skirting the boundaries was no longer an option.

But this was about more than just being legal, the new approach meant a complete culture change within our organization. Safety would no longer be viewed as a compliance requirement at Bison, it would become the focal point of our business.

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Be Recognized By The Most Recognized!

It’s been an exciting week at Bison, as we earned the TCA’s Grand Prize National Fleet Safety Award, were named 2016’s Overall Best Fleet to Drive For and have also been recognized by Forbes as one of Canada’s Best Employers of 2016.

The Forbes award makes Bison one of 250 employers who were chosen based on the results of an independent survey conducted among 8,000 Canadian employees working at large companies and institutions from 25 industry sectors. Employees were contacted anonymously online without the involvement of their employer.

Bison was the only trucking company to be recognized, and one of just 12 organizations on the list from the transportation sector.

We take a lot of pride in our people at Bison, and understand that none of the recognition we receive as an organization would be possible without the collective efforts of our incredible workforce, led by our Professional Drivers and Contractors.

With that in mind, Bison has created one of the industry’s most comprehensive Driver recognition programs. From safety incentives to mileage milestones, we’ve got you covered:

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Celebrating Women at Bison

To celebrate women in the transportation industry, Bison is excited to share several stories from women who have had great success in our business. We encourage you to keep up with us as we continue share stories about women in trucking and work to expand the impact of women in trucking.

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ELD Mandate: Impact on Shippers

It’s clear to see that the impending electronic logging device (ELD) mandate will have a major impact on professional Drivers and their carriers, but how will it affect shippers?

Just as ELDs can be used to maximize efficiency gains for Drivers and carriers, shippers will also have an opportunity to increase their revenues by streamlining their processes.

With this new technology, a Driver’s clock can’t be stopped once it’s running, so shippers have to focus on how to maximize a Driver’s time to ensure loads can be delivered on-time and within the law.

Bending the rules is no longer an option, and pressuring a Driver to ignore hours of service regulations is certain to be a costly decision under the new mandate.

But more than just having an impact on the ability to move individual loads, the ELD mandate is likely to influence how shippers select carriers and vice versa.

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Bison To Invest $1.6 Million Annually In Owner/Lease Operator Compensation

After introducing a base rate increase for Company Drivers in January, Bison is excited to announce base rate increases and a retooled Fuel Subsidy Program for Owner/Lease Operators, set to take effect on April 1, 2016.

Much like the Company Driver pay increase, this base rate adjustment is another example of our commitment to providing an excellent total compensation package, ensuring our Owner/Lease Operators are able to maximize their business' earning potential. 

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