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"Safe, Courteous" Bison Drivers Receive Praise From Cyclists

We receive many compliments on the safe driving techniques our professional Drivers use while on the road. In particular, a lot of compliments come from cyclists. Below are three messages we've received from cyclists about their recent experiences with Bison Drivers:

Hi there,

I spent this past summer riding my bike across Canada. It was a long and hot trip.

While I was on the road, I got to experience a whole range of drivers....from very bad to very good.

While cycling over the prairies I realized that Bison Transport Drivers were consistently courteous and careful with regard to cyclists.

This is no small feat: as a cyclist on the road for 6-8 hours a day, I was passed by literally thousands of vehicles. To notice a particular trucking company was extraordinary!

I thought your Drivers should know that cyclists like me and my group appreciate the courtesy we were shown on the road. It really matters.

Please thank them for me!

- Alison

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Bison Transport Disburses $21,000 In Scholarships

In memory of our respected and inspirational leader, Mr. John Martin, who passed away suddenly on May 14, 2014, the Bison Transport – John Martin Memorial Scholarship was established. The scholarship is open to dependents of a Bison employee or contractor who is pursuing studies in a post-secondary or vocational institute. The scholarship was opened to further include students that are actively employed with Bison Transport. Beyond post-secondary attendance, the selection committee looks for strength of character in its recipients, those that exemplify some of John’s greatest qualities:

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Happy Blog-Aversary

Happy Blog-Aversary to The Transporter! I am pleased to report that Bison Transport’s blog ‘The Transporter’ was released into cyberspace 1 year ago today!

Looking back at our first post, I promised Bison would share stories about a professional Driver that lost over 100 lbs., insights on fuel prices, interesting stories about and from Drivers and lots of great information about safety. We have now published 59 posts and have accomplished what we set out to do.

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Freightliner's FIT System: Helping Drivers Move More Than Just Freight

Freightliner has created a new resistance band training system that can be used in a truck’s cab!

The Freightliner In-Cab Training (FIT) system is designed to get long haul truck Drivers moving more than just their freight. A series of elastic resistance bands connect to brackets in the truck cab and provide full-body strength and conditioning workouts.

*The workout system is not intended for use while the truck is in motion. ;) (http://rollingstrong.com)

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Expanding Facilities, Expanding Opportunities

This is a great industry and these are exciting times for us here at Bison Transport. Personally, I am deeply appreciative of the respect shown and the trust placed in me by our ownership as I take the next step in my career. I am excited to take over the President’s reins from Don Streuber, our new Executive Chairman and CEO. Don has been a long time mentor, business leader and a trusted friend. I am fortunate to inherit and be part of a great leadership team…one that is fully engaged and has the capacity to take our business to the next level.

Providing meaningful opportunities for our people to grow and innovate is an important piece of our culture here at Bison. We have the talent and the resources required to expand our business and we are actively searching for smart, sustainable growth opportunities for our people to capitalize on.

We see our investment and expansion in Ontario as one of those opportunities. Up until now we have been a relatively quiet player in the region, but we see room to leverage our strengths and provide more meaningful transportation solutions to the Eastern marketplace. The infrastructure and environment we have created in our state-of-the-art operating centre in Mississauga will facilitate significant expansion. We have assembled a terrific base of people, with a goal to dramatically increase the volume of business we manage in the Eastern region within the next 12-18 months. We currently service many segments of the transportation industry and we are continuously evaluating acquisition opportunities in all areas, including new service offerings. Click here to read our press release about the NEW Mississauga terminal!

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Bison's Eastern Canada Expansion Reduces Complexity For Today’s Shipper

Almost every logistics professional I speak to cites increased complexity in their job. Complexity comes in the form of: changing distribution channels, capacity challenges, increased regulations, shrinking budgets, and the need for continuous planning and forecasting. Detailed analytics improves decision making, however, many companies have limited resources to dedicate to analysis. All in all, today’s logistics professional has a tough job.

Bison Transport has been building a business that is simplifying the tough job today’s shippers face. The Canadian shipping and distribution landscape is spread out between Eastern and Western Canada, with key hubs in places like Toronto, ON and Calgary, AB. Those hubs are critical components of a transportation network. Carriers need to provide long haul connectivity between both hubs as well as the U.S., and they also have to connect short haul customers within the individual regions. Carriers who provide BOTH long and short haul services across Canada create numerous efficiencies, including:

  • Standardization of services to customers
  • Improved trailer & container equipment management
  • Decreased administrative costs
  • Reduced number of carriers required to serve the network
  • Customized analytics and reporting opportunities

Click to learn more about Bison's Suite of Transportation Services.

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Trailer Tracking Technology - Simplifying the tracking process for customers AND drivers

Over the past year we researched and evaluated several trailer tracking technologies. SkyBitz GPS trailer tracking devices met our criteria and matched our business needs. We have installed over 350 of the SkyBitz devices on our dry van trailers and are continuing to outfit the rest of our dry van fleet.

We constantly strive to increase our Driver and customer satisfaction levels and the SkyBitz technology helps us:

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Here We Grow Again!

In September 2000, we opened our current terminal in Mississauga, ON. The 20,000 square foot terminal had 6,000 square feet of offices and a maintenance facility consisting of 10 bays and a truck wash. Our Eastern fleet continued to grow and by 2005 we had 130 Drivers. Growth was tempered slightly during the recession years, but in the years following we saw our Driver base increase by upwards of 21% annually. Our office staff also grew as business increased significantly.

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