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October 21, 2015

Freightliner's FIT System: Helping Drivers Move More Than Just Freight

Bison Transport FIT SystemFreightliner has created a new resistance band training system that can be used in a truck’s cab!

The Freightliner In-Cab Training (FIT) system is designed to get long haul truck Drivers moving more than just their freight. A series of elastic resistance bands connect to brackets in the truck cab and provide full-body strength and conditioning workouts.

*The workout system is not intended for use while the truck is in motion. ;) (http://rollingstrong.com)

Bison Transport FIT System

We met with Denis Wallin one of our Company Drivers to discuss the FIT system and the healthy lifestyle he lives while on the road:

The FIT system is a way I can get a resistance-based workout from the comfort of my truck cab. This is great because during the winter months it is often difficult to exercise outdoors because of harsh weather conditions.

Another thing I do to live a healthy lifestyle is leave as early as possible on a trip, so I have time for a 45 minute walk in the evening. It helps me to relieve stress from the day. I also make sure to read the label on foods that I eat on the road. I started eating granola bars as a healthy snack on the road, but when I compared the label to a chocolate bar I realized that it wasn't any healthier. Now I pick up a fruit cup to snack on instead!

We are spec'ing our new Freightliner trucks to include the FIT system so our Drivers can live an active and healthy lifestyle on the road.

Many of our terminals house large fitness facilities that Drivers can use to workout before or after a trip!

Bison Transport Fitness Facility Winnipeg Fitness Facility

Bison Transport Wellness for the Long HaulWe also offer a program to our people called Wellness for the Long Haul, which offers a complimentary membership to the Healthy Trucker program that includes: a confidential health assessment, meal planning, daily food and exercise logs, daily health tips, wellness newsletters and a suite of online resources.

Our wellness initiatives are supporting employees in their pursuit of an active and healthy lifestyle, which can be challenging for Drivers on the road. If you want to become a part of the Bison Transport team please complete the form below.


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