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Trailer Tracking Technology - Simplifying the tracking process for customers AND drivers

Over the past year we researched and evaluated several trailer tracking technologies. SkyBitz GPS trailer tracking devices met our criteria and matched our business needs. We have installed over 350 of the SkyBitz devices on our dry van trailers and are continuing to outfit the rest of our dry van fleet.

We constantly strive to increase our Driver and customer satisfaction levels and the SkyBitz technology helps us:

  1. Provide visibility tools for customers – This new technology helps our dispatch team identify tractor and trailer inconsistencies, making diagnosing and fixing these mismatches easier. This helps our customers identify the real-time location of our trailers, whether they are in yards or en route.
  2. Save our Drivers time – As our fleet continues to grow it can be challenging for Drivers to find trailers in our yards. They search through large yards with many trailers, which may be a time-consuming task that can result in delays. The new SkyBitz technology will help Drivers pinpoint the exact location of the trailer, reducing the time they spend searching for a trailer. This technology will ultimately increase our Drivers earnings potential.

SkyBitz Trailer Tracking


SkyBitz Screenshot GTA Screenshot of the Golden Horseshoe region

Trailer tracking at Bison will provide customers with new and increased levels of visibility to their loads and the trailers moving those shipments. Bison will be able to provide the status of trailer pools in their network and exception reporting to notify when the trailer location or status does not match expectations.

We are working hard to maximize the impact of this technology. We are committed to investing in new technologies for many reasons; some of which include improving our competitive advantage, employee comfort & safety, efficiency, business intelligence, and much more. Click to read more about other technologies we have invested in, such as the Bose Ride System and safety and comfort Truck Features

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