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October 29, 2015

"Safe, Courteous" Bison Drivers Receive Praise From Cyclists

We receive many compliments on the safe driving techniques our professional Drivers use while on the road. In particular, a lot of compliments come from cyclists. Below are three messages we've received from cyclists about their recent experiences with Bison Drivers:

CyclistHi there,

I spent this past summer riding my bike across Canada. It was a long and hot trip.

While I was on the road, I got to experience a whole range of drivers....from very bad to very good.

While cycling over the prairies I realized that Bison Transport Drivers were consistently courteous and careful with regard to cyclists.

CyclistThis is no small feat: as a cyclist on the road for 6-8 hours a day, I was passed by literally thousands of vehicles. To notice a particular trucking company was extraordinary!

I thought your Drivers should know that cyclists like me and my group appreciate the courtesy we were shown on the road. It really matters.

Please thank them for me!

- Alison

Hello Bison Transport Crew,

This past summer I was one of 4 cyclists that rode from Victoria to St. John's as a part of a Cycling4Water team who raised funds for water wells in Africa through Global Aid Network. (Your Drivers may remember the guys in the yellow jerseys.) Plus two of us turned 60 on the ride, so it was a creative way to celebrate that milestone!Cyclists

Along the way we encountered lots of trucks. Your Drivers stood out to us because they seemed so careful and friendly.

Thank you!

- Mike


My name is Joel, and I’m from Winnipeg. Recently, I completed a bicycle tour over two weeks from Vancouver to Swift Current staying mostly on the Trans-Canada Highway. Part of my route also included the Coquihalla, which, for a cyclist, was beautiful, challenging, and a bit scary, with the speed limit and number of semi-trucks using that route.You're Safe With Me

Early on in my trip, I developed a growing frustration and disrespect for semi-truck drivers. They often wouldn't move over when space was tight on the shoulder. Many times they wouldn't even move over on a double lane highway where they had lots of space. Even though I was as far right on the shoulder as I could go, there were a number of times when the vehicle was too close for comfort.

Except for any Bison trucks. Throughout my trip, if it was possible, and the vast majority of the time, Bison Drivers would move over as far as possible. Even when I was riding through the prairies, with a wide shoulder and long sight lines, nearly every single time, when I heard a semi coming behind me, it moved over to the far lane. Most of the time I would look up and without fail, it would be a Bison truck.

So, I don’t know if it’s a policy of your company, or if you just employ compassionate and conscientious Drivers, but from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for making my trip significantly safer.


- Joel

Thank you to all of our Drivers who make the road a safer place for others!

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Glenn on his bike                         Glenn Shultz - one of our professional Drivers who enjoys cycling

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