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How a Folding Bike Changed My Life


Roger takes his DAHON Speed D8 for a spin!


If you’re a regular visitor to The Transporter, you’ve likely already met Roger, a professional company Driver with Bison.

This spring, Roger and Bison Transport approached DAHON folding bikes to test drive some of their bikes to see how they could benefit Driver’s overall fitness. Roger’s been reviewing the bikes and, most recently, reviewed the DAHON Speed Uno. As summer comes to a close, Roger tells us how the DAHON folding bikes have changed his life.

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Bison Keeps it Cool with our Refrigerated Transportation Solutions

Did you know that Refrigerated Carriers do more than keep your milk cold? At Bison, our refrigerated service covers four main temperature control options: 

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Macro 14 Locked Room: Securing the Terminal and Building a Stronger Team

What do you get when you combine one of the most popular entertainment trends with a bunch of eager employees? A successful team building exercise!

Bison’s Operations Trainer, Chantal Criggar, with support from the Learning and Professional Development Team, created a Bison Transport themed locked room: Macro 14: Secure the Terminal. The goal of the locked room was to help Bison employees meet new people, build relationships with folks in other departments, and gain an understanding and appreciation for other roles in our business.

As a new employee at Bison, I was encouraged to participate in the locked room by my fellow teammates in Corporate Marketing. Being new, this was a way to experience some of Bison’s core values in practice and learn about the day-to-day operations of the business. Which brings us to my locked room experience….

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Bison Celebrates Diversity


Bison employees participate in a flag game at the Winnipeg terminal.

 At Bison, empowering our people is a large part of our mission, and spirit is one of our key core values. So, it’s appropriate we take an entire week that both recognizes and celebrates the diversity of our Bison employees and Drivers. In light of this year’s Diversity Week, which kicked off on Monday, I thought I’d share a story about a conference I attended earlier this year.

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Petra the Peterbilt: A Love Story

You've met Roger, a professional Company Driver with Bison, a few times already. Recently, Roger sent us an email sharing a story about his Peterbilt truck. We found it heartwarming so we thought we'd share it with you, too! Enjoy...


“Wow, nice truck! I didn't know Bison had Peterbilts … " I hear this a lot, also .. "Now that is a nice company truck!"

I drive a 2016 Peterbilt 579. I've been driving it for seven months now and I absolutely love it. I'm often asked why, so I decided to write about my love affair with 'Petra'. Yes, I've named my truck, and sometimes I even talk to her.


Petra the Peterbilt

It all started about 30 years ago. As a young boy I got a toy truck for Christmas. "It's a transfer truck”, my mom proclaimed. It was a Peterbilt replica, with the big chrome stacks and Canadian Tire emblems on the box. I would zig-zag it across the floor, and forever dream of someday driving a big Pete of my own.


Fast forward to 2008, I've just graduated from a Transport training academy and passed my class one. A small company with about a dozen trucks gives me my first ride. It was a Kenworth W900: a big truck with a Detroit engine and an 18-speed manual transmission. I spent my first two years running the BC Rockies. I was living the dream. But when the company started to have financial trouble during the recession in 2010, I began to look for more stability and better miles.

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Tiny’s Tech Shop 101

When you think of someone being tech-savvy, you probably think of an IT professional or maybe your tween flipping between Instagram, Snapchat, texts and Facebook. What you might not necessarily think of is a professional truck Driver. Bison Transport is already a leader in the industry with state of the art technology: every aspect of our business is optimized by our use of technology including satellite equipped trailers, iTools, e-invoicing, electronic logging devices and trailer tracking, but some of our Drivers are extremely tech savvy, too!

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Canada/US Northeast Short Haul: Not Just a Fleet, a Family

Many people spend just as much or more time interacting with their coworkers as they do their family and close friends. For many, a sense of camaraderie and friendship is a make-or-break situation in how much they enjoy their jobs. At Bison, we take it one step further and strive to offer a family environment to all of our staff and professional Drivers. We have an open-door policy, hold family days, weekly barbecues in the summertime, random acts of wellness (fun activities and games fitting a wellness theme) and teambuilding exercises like our Macro 14 Locked Room. For some, this is their favourite part of the job.

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