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Canada/US Northeast Short Haul: Not Just a Fleet, a Family

Many people spend just as much or more time interacting with their coworkers as they do their family and close friends. For many, a sense of camaraderie and friendship is a make-or-break situation in how much they enjoy their jobs. At Bison, we take it one step further and strive to offer a family environment to all of our staff and professional Drivers. We have an open-door policy, hold family days, weekly barbecues in the summertime, random acts of wellness (fun activities and games fitting a wellness theme) and teambuilding exercises like our Macro 14 Locked Room. For some, this is their favourite part of the job.

You’ve already met Nick “Tiny” Caleca. He’s been driving with Bison since 2008 and recently started driving the Canada/Northeast Short Haul fleet. He’s told us about the increased earning potential, addressed some myths about driving the Eastern Seaboard and talked about the advantages to the run’s schedule.

In the fifth video, Tiny talks about how his fleet isn’t just fellow drivers, but feels like a family.

Hitting Roadblocks

Tiny and his fellow drivers are quick to call each other for support: to find out the specifics of directions, the amount of time a load or offload might take, or alternative directions to get to the destination if there’s traffic.

“My favourite part of running the Eastern Seaboard is that we’re all a close, committed fleet. We all communicate and help each other out. We’re a close knit family of drivers,” said Tiny.

Canada/US Shorthaul


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