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Volvo Talks: Innovation, Technology & Safety

Volvo's Paul Kudla joins us for a sneak peek at what the company is working on for the trucking industry. The video below highlights the innovation, truck technology, regulation, electric engines, performance and safety. 

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You Asked, We Answered: FAQs about ELDs

ELDs are a hot topic in the trucking industry. While it seems like ancient history to us here at Bison because we have had 100 per cent of our fleet on ELDs since 2014, for many drivers and carriers ELDs are still new.

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The Unexpected Benefits of Corporate Giving

We are proud to have been one of the top corporate fundraisers over the past few years for Challenge For Life. In 2017, 114 Bison employees and family members registered to either “Walk It” for 20 km or “Work It” for 200 minutes. The Blazing Bison team raised $162,000 through corporate fundraising, personal initiatives and our fundraising barbecue.

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A Day in the Life of an LTL Supervisor

In our continuing series called Meet the Herd, we bring you inside the Bison offices and showcase the talented folks who make a difference to our clients and our team. They are the faces you see behind the wheel of our trucks and the voices on the front lines communicating with clients and our Drivers.

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2019 Volvo VNL 760: Truck Tour with Randy Fleming

Met with a lot of excitement, the Volvo VNL 760s have been in design for five years and the first have started rolling into Bison's shops to be inspected, decalled, licenced and readied for the road.

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