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You Asked, We Answered: FAQs about ELDs


ELDs are a hot topic in the trucking industry. While it seems like ancient history to us here at Bison because we have had 100 per cent of our fleet on ELDs since 2014, for many drivers and carriers ELDs are still new.

Over the past year we have produced a few videos about the recent ELD mandate. In the video below, we answer the most common questions and comments we have had about ELDs. Our professional drivers and in-cab instructors Murray and Marius join Bison’s director of safety and driver development, Garth Pitzel, in this response to our viewer feedback.

Some of the comments addressed in this video:

  • “If your drivers are on a tight schedule and the driver becomes tired or sick to their stomach – what do you do then?”
  • “I get four to five hours a day wasted towards my 14 hours duty clock which I can’t get back. How do we fix that issue?”
  • “ELDs are BS. It’ll make it more dangerous because the driver will be in a hurry all the time racing the clock.”



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