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Rob Penner, President & CEO
May 22, 2018

The Unexpected Benefits of Corporate Giving

We are proud to have been one of the top corporate fundraisers over the past few years for Challenge For Life. In 2017, 114 Bison employees and family members registered to either “Walk It” for 20 km or “Work It” for 200 minutes. The Blazing Bison team raised $162,000 through corporate fundraising, personal initiatives and our fundraising barbecue.

2017JUN_Challenge for Life Walk_Winnipeg (67)Seeing what our people have accomplished is truly amazing and inspirational, and I want to share from a president and CEO’s perspective, the unintended benefits of our fundraising efforts. As a leader of an organization, you can quickly see how these five benefits provide meaningful and sustainable benefit to your company.

1) Our Challenge For Life campaign has taken on a life of its own. The campaign has proved to be a great stretch assignment for many people at Bison as they want to improve their skills, prove their ability to create results, and meet more people across the business.

2) Our Challenge For Life efforts have provided a lot of team-building opportunities and developed lasting relationships. When team building isn’t forced, but can grow organically, that is where the magic happens.

3) Spirit is a core value at Bison but we have definitely noticed that our people have increased pride and excitement about the impact we are making in our local community. We have a business to run, but we want to serve the community that provides us an opportunity to build a successful business.

4) If you have spent any time at Bison, you will soon see that we are a competitive bunch. Whether it is push-up or trivia competitions, or striving to be the top fundraiser, competition flourishes at Bison and we feel that it brings out the best in people.

5) From the 20-km walk itself, to the multiple planning sessions, to our increasingly popular barbecue, there are a multitude of opportunities to have fun. Trucking never stops and a majority of our work is time-sensitive. Having fun enables us to alleviate times of stress and helps us get to know each other on a more personal level.

From one business leader to another, I hope that you strongly consider entering your Challenge For Life team. CancerCare Manitoba does important work in our community, and cancer touches us all. I’d love to see you out there with us to support the cause.

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