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Transitioning From Military To Civilian Life

Transitioning from Military life to civilian life was not easy for Kelly Malanik. Kelly left the military in 2005 with an honorable discharge after suffering a traumatic event that left her struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

During her time in the Military she was a Mobile Support Equipment Operator (MSE OP) and gained a great deal of experience driving military vehicles. After leaving the Military, Kelly used her experience and worked with various companies as a Driver. Eventually the struggle of PTSD took its toll and she was given a service dog from a non-profit group, Courageous Companions, to help her deal with PTSD.

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Innovation In Driver Comfort & Safety

Bison recently participated in a case study that uncovered the Impact of Ride Quality on Truck Driver Health & Safety. Bose, with the help of Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) conducted a study to uncover the positive impacts resulting from the use of their Bose Ride System Seat. Bison purchased 60 seats and supplied 65 Drivers to participate in the trial. The results were compelling!

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Two Trailer Loads … Full of Benefits

In late 2002, Bison Transport began to dabble with the idea of creating a Long Combination Vehicle (LCV) network across Canada’s Prairie Provinces. From its headquarters in Winnipeg, MB, the network quickly expanded to Calgary and Edmonton in the West.

In previous years, we had seen the benefits of using LCVs but we hadn’t formally launched an LCV program because of lane density and equipment constraints.

We found it wasn’t profitable to take loads to Western Canada because most of what is produced or manufactured in Calgary is shipped out through a pipeline. Rates into the region were not as strong as they needed to be to support the back-haul environment.

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