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A New Life In Canada!

Posted on May 14, 2015 by Bison 0 Comments ↓

My name is Natalya, but you can call me Nataly. The decision to leave one’s home country is never easy, but times at home were turbulent. I lived in Israel with my family for many years, but it was not exactly the safest place. I just wanted a peaceful life for myself and my family. In Israel, no one ever truly felt safe.

My family and I started to think about where else we could go, where we could live and be safe? Our searches and discussions always seemed to lead us to Canada. I have friends in Winnipeg, so it seemed like an obvious choice.

So it was decided! I would go on the most intriguing journey of my life. I arranged to visit my friends - to see if all I had heard and read about was true. I travelled alone, without my family, and arrived in Canada, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on February 22, 2014.

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Safety Is Sexy!

Posted on May 8, 2015 by Bison 0 Comments ↓

Make safety a habit for your career
is the theme of this year’s NAOSH week. NAOSH's mantra aligns perfectly with Bison Transport's culture of safety. Each member at Bison, whether they are a Driver or support staff, have the goal and responsibility to get home safely every day.

NAOSH week is a continent wide event spanning Canada, USA and Mexico, and it highlights the importance of increasing understanding, raising awareness and reducing injuries and illness in the workplace, at home and in the community.

At Bison, safety isn’t just something we talk about. Safety is so ingrained into our core values that it’s become part of our identity. In a recent blog post, our COO Rob Penner, even made the statement that “Bison’s brand is built on safety”. There is a reason why Bison is North America’s Safest Fleet!

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New York City? No Thank You!

Posted on May 6, 2015 by Bison 0 Comments ↓


Peter Dundys, Bison Professional Driver since 2005

How can you drive that area all the time? Isn't it dangerous? Do you get enough miles? I hear the customers' locations are a nightmare to get into. New York City? No Thank You!

As a Driver who has spent the majority of the last 30 years driving into the North East US, I have heard these comments and questions on many occasions. The biggest complaint I hear is about the traffic in New York City and even New Jersey. Drivers shouldn't be intimidated by these larger cities because it is no different than driving in any other major metropolitan area, such as the 401 in Toronto.

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7 Tips To Prevent Injuries In Trucking

As North America's Safest Fleet, Bison Transport places the highest priority on safety. A Driver’s daily duties may seem routine, but improper techniques when performing these duties can easily lead to injuries. This is why we created a series of Injury Prevention videos that demonstrate proper safety techniques and requirements that would apply to any professional Driver.

There are 7 Injury Prevention videos in our series:

The first video begins with stretching, which reduces injury by preparing a Driver’s muscles for work activities. Proper stretching techniques inside and outside the tractor are demonstrated. Stretching reduces the risk of work-related injuries. Watch now!

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Our Brand is Built on Safety

I always find the moments backstage prior to the announcement of the Truckload Carriers Association’s National Fleet Safety Awards quite amusing. They gather all of the fleet safety contest winners together prior to marching us on stage and while we await our time there’s always plenty of chatter.

This past March I once again found Bison Transport to be the topic of pre-awards banter. In previous years I heard a lot of “This is not fair… They must only count your US miles… Driving in Canada is easier… The judges must be Canadian… etc.” This year it was remarkably different. Fleets were almost expecting Bison to win. I heard a lot of comments like, “We are not as good as Bison yet, but we will be…Your people really do things right… We need to learn from you…” and my favourite… “Just call this the Bison Fleet Safety Award.” It made me think that we have finally made the leap from safety being our reputation to actually becoming our brand.

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