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May 08, 2015

Safety Is Sexy!

Safety is sexy
Make safety a habit for your career
is the theme of this year’s NAOSH week. NAOSH's mantra aligns perfectly with Bison Transport's culture of safety. Each member at Bison, whether they are a Driver or support staff, have the goal and responsibility to get home safely every day.

NAOSH week is a continent wide event spanning Canada, USA and Mexico, and it highlights the importance of increasing understanding, raising awareness and reducing injuries and illness in the workplace, at home and in the community.

At Bison, safety isn’t just something we talk about. Safety is so ingrained into our core values that it’s become part of our identity. In a recent blog post, our COO Rob Penner, even made the statement that “Bison’s brand is built on safety”. There is a reason why Bison is North America’s Safest Fleet!

Our Occupational Health and Safety Committee is also working hard to improve health and safety conditions in all areas of the workplace, identify potential health and safety risks, and bring them to our employer’s attention.

Last year in Manitoba, 14 employees never made it home to their families due to a work related accident, and 5 of those fatalities were in the transport industry. This emphasizes the importance of safety in the transportation industry.

NAOSH is a great week for bringing safety to the forefront and over the past few years Bison has continually raised the bar, making NAOSH week a highly anticipated event for employees.

This year, for the first time ever, Bison kicked off NAOSH week with the “Safety Is Sexy” Fashion show, featuring Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE. Our models included Drivers, Maintenance and Office employees. It was an amazing event that everyone really enjoyed watching. Click here to see the video for yourself!

Some other highlights during NAOSH week included a heart healthy lunch, blood pressure monitoring, Spot The Hazard scavenger hunt, personal fitness training, kids colouring contest and the Annual Safety Survey.

Even though NAOSH is only one week long, remember your health and safety is your responsibility and begins with you!!

Employees in a huddle

Make safety a habit for your career because getting home every safely doesn't just happen.

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