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May 06, 2015

New York City? No Thank You!


Truck driver in front of truck Peter Dundys, Bison Professional Driver since 2005

How can you drive that area all the time? Isn't it dangerous? Do you get enough miles? I hear the customers' locations are a nightmare to get into. New York City? No Thank You!

As a Driver who has spent the majority of the last 30 years driving into the North East US, I have heard these comments and questions on many occasions. The biggest complaint I hear is about the traffic in New York City and even New Jersey. Drivers shouldn't be intimidated by these larger cities because it is no different than driving in any other major metropolitan area, such as the 401 in Toronto.

The best part for me about the Canada / US Short Haul fleet is that I get to be home a lot more often than if I was a long haul Driver. I work Monday to Friday most weeks, and sometimes I am able to get home during the week, even if it is just for a quick coffee with my wife on my way through town.

Truck route map of North East U.S. and Eastern Canada region

If I had a piece of advice for a driver considering the Canada / US Short Haul Fleet, it would be to focus on the total compensation. I average 400 miles per day, but also get paid for things such as live loads/unloads and border crossings. I make more money as a short haul Driver than I ever did running long haul and I have more time to spend with my wife and enjoy life. So while others may say, "No Way!" I say "Yes Please!"

Have you ever run the North East U.S.? If so, what was your experience? Please comment below.

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Canada/US Shorthaul

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