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Top 10 Videos of 2017!

We have officially said goodbye to 2017. As we bid a fond farewell to a year of industry changes and shakeups, we look back at our most popular videos to see what had you clicking and commenting.


In 2017, we clocked 1.7 million minutes of videos watched on YouTube. That equals over 533,000 views. In fact, we’re just shy of 1 million total views since we launched our YouTube channel! That isn't counting another 100,000 views on our Facebook page. Let’s countdown our top videos of the year. 

10. It is common for people to believe that the slightest distraction won’t affect them when they are behind the wheel. Wrong. In the video Can You Drive Distracted? we took a look at how easy it is to lose focus and potentially create a dangerous situation on the road.


 9. With the U.S. trucking industry implementing the new ELD mandate, The Hard Truth for Drivers video definitely had people talking about the new rules that came into play in December 2017.


8. A Misconception of Owner-Operator Pay addressed a hot topic in the trucking industry. Our team laid out the ins and outs of how much OOs are paid.

7. ELDs were a huge topic of conversation in 2017 (and still are in 2018) and the video ELD Mandate – A Shipper’s Perspective got lots of attention from people curious about what the new rules would mean for their business.


6. Bison is constantly testing out new technologies to make driving easier, more efficient and definitely safer. We tested out AutoSock, a traction-control device, and presented the findings.

5. We’re not only about having trucks on the road. Bison also reviewed the Dahon Speed D8 Folding Bike. In this video our tester tried out the bike and its many features.

4. Bison always takes great pride in making a difference in the community. We were thrilled to be part of the world’s largest truck convoy in support of Special Olympics Manitoba.

3. There was a lot of interest in folding bikes because the next most-watched video is How A Folding Bike Changed My Life. Our tester tried out two models of bikes and gave a breakdown of which he felt would improve his overall fitness.

2. Donald Trump had much of the world talking in 2017. And our video The Trump Effect on Trucking certainly had people chiming in on the state of the industry with the current administration.


1. By far, the most-watched video was our preview of the 2018 Pre-Series Freightliner Cascadia Truck. When Daimler Trucks unveiled the latest model of Cascadia, we captured the arrival of one in our yard a few weeks later.

What is something that you would like to see us do a video on? Please comment below!


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