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November 24, 2015

Bison Companies Complete Volvo's 'Triple Crown' Of Safety

There are no horses involved, and it's unlikely you'll ever find a jockey at the helm of one of our tractors, but Bison's recent "Triple Crown" achievement is no small feat - much like winning each of horse racing's three biggest titles.

Searcy Award

With Searcy Trucking, a Bison subsidiary, earning the 2015 Volvo North America Safety Award, all three Bison companies have now earned Volvo's highest award for safety. Britton Transport, also a Bison subsidiary, earned the award in 2014, while Bison Transport, the parent company, won the inaugural prize in 2009.

"Bison has an intense focus on safety," said Don Streuber, Executive Chairman and CEO at Bison Transport. "Bison’s safety equation includes a 'driver’s toolbox' that encompasses our selection of safe equipment, a safe working environment, in-depth training and systems of accountability so that we don’t lose sight that safety is in fact a priority."

Volvo's Safety Award recognizes North American fleets for outstanding safety performance, rewarding winners with $25,000 to spend on safety programs. The award, which is cosponsored by Michelin Americas Truck Tires, is given out to two fleets each year based on annual vehicle miles traveled: less than 20 million miles and more than 20 million miles. Winners are selected based on a number of criteria including accident frequency rates and safety and accident prevention programs.

Searcy Trucking, the winner of the 2015 award in the under 20 million miles category, was founded by the Searcy family in 1969 and operates out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Only two years after being acquired by Bison Transport the flat deck services provider was recognized for its exemplary safety records and training programs.

“By making safety a priority every day...Searcy Trucking [was] able to deliver an outstanding safety performance during the past year,” said Göran Nyberg, President, Volvo Trucks North America. “Their investments in industry-leading safety programs and training show a dedication to driver safety, and we congratulate them on this achievement.”

Last year, it was Bison's American subsidiary, Britton Transport, that earned Volvo's top safety award in the under 20 million miles division. Founded by Dave Britton in 1980, Britton Transport is based in Grand Forks, North Dakota and moves a wide range of freight from machinery and steel to food stuffs and temperature-controlled goods.

“Britton Transport demonstrates the clear benefits of establishing a safety-first culture and providing drivers with the best training and equipment available,” said Mike Cain, Michelin's Vice President of Original Equipment.

All the way back in 2009, Bison Transport claimed some hardware of its own, winning Volvo's inaugural award in the over 20 million miles division. Founded by Duncan Jessiman in 1969, Bison has long been recognized as North America's Safest Fleet, with the Volvo award being one of many safety awards in its trophy case.

“Bison Transport represents extraordinary ongoing achievements in the safe operation of trucks,” said Scott Kress, Volvo’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, back in 2009. “[Bison has] taken the concept of safety and made it the foundation of their fleets. The end result is that these companies year after year have outstanding safety records and are role models for others in the industry.”

For more information about Bison's safety initiatives, click here.

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