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January 04, 2015

Anything Is Possible!

Bison Driver Glenn Schultz’s journey began in February 2012, when he found out he was a pre-diabetic. He began making the changes to improve his health and wellness. Glenn improved his diet, increased his exercise and made the decision to quit smoking. In just 3 months he was able to lose 50 lbs. and his doctor informed him he was no longer a pre-diabetic. By October 2012, he lost 100 lbs.

Bison driver in marathonThis motivated him to challenge himself more and he ran his first 4 km race at Ted's Run for Literacy. Throughout 2012 and 2013 he ran and biked in many events.

June 2014 he ran his first half marathon in Winnipeg.

Glenn has shared, “It’s all about challenges. I helped myself to a better life; now I want to help others who want a better life. Seventeen years ago I could barely walk with Psoriatic Arthritis. ‘Anything is possible’ is my motto.”

Glenn, thank you for sharing your story with Bison Transport. We are extremely proud of your health and wellness achievements. You are a role model for others.

Bison offers its employees an option to partake in our Healthy Trucker Program or join a Bison sports team.

Have you recently taken steps to improve your overall health and wellness? Share your story below.

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