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The Trump Effect on Trucking: 1 Year Later

With a new administration comes new questions about how various industries would be impacted. In 2017, we featured a video called The Trump Effect on Trucking. At the time President Trump just had his inauguration and we didn’t know how he would, if at all, affect trucking.

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OPINION: No matter the technology, trucks still need professional drivers

Driver-less trucks. Really? My new mantra these days when technology fails me (which is often) is, “…and this is why there will be no driver-less trucks in the foreseeable future.”

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A Day in the Life of a Fleet Manager

In our continuing series called Meet the Herd, we bring you inside the Bison offices and showcase the talented folks who make a difference to our clients and our team. They are the faces you see behind the wheel of our trucks and the voices on the front lines communicating with clients and our Drivers.

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Improving MPG is the right thing to do, but it requires investment

If there’s one thing we can be certain about in this industry it’s the uncertainty of fuel prices. Anybody who’s ever filled up the car before a long weekend knows that spikes in fuel prices are to be expected. And for everyday driving, the trucking industry feels any price fluctuation much harder.

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Bison knows the power of women in trucking

Today is International Women’s Day and a great reminder of the forces and impacts of women’s participation in the workforce.

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