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The Trump Effect on Trucking: 1 Year Later

With a new administration comes new questions about how various industries would be impacted. In 2017, we featured a video called The Trump Effect on Trucking. At the time President Trump just had his inauguration and we didn’t know how he would, if at all, affect trucking.

The Trump Effect on Trucking_One Year Later.00_09_21_09.Still001.jpg

Would operations get easier for us and our shipping partners? Would drivers face any roadblocks? Would companies face struggles getting shipments across the border? Fast forward one year and we now have answers to some those questions.

I once again sit down with Bison Transport's Chief Financial Officer, Damiano Coniglio, to discuss how Donald Trump is impacting the trucking industry north and south of the Canadian border.

Check out the video below:


Your Comments Matter! 

In addition to the year later video above, we also took time to answer your questions and comments on the first Trump Effect on Trucking video. Thank you for your comments and questions. Filming this was a lot of fun and we encourage you to watch it as well. 


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The Trump Effect On Trucking

Now It's Your Turn: What do you think the Trump Effect on Trucking with be in the president's second full year? Please comment below. 

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