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Both sides of the coin: Denis Wallin's mentorship story

At Bison Transport, we strive to empower our people in many ways. One of these ways is encouraging a culture of mentorship – in both a formal and informal capacity.  You've already read about Dave Fulawka, and how he engages in mentorship in a variety of ways, both at work and in his personal life. In the Bison Transporter's second installment on mentorship, Denis Wallin shares some thoughts about his time in Bison's Driver Finishing Program and how it inspired him to become an In-cab Instructor

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A-Z on ELDs: A Shipper's Guide to Electronic Logging Devices

The recent ELD (electronic logging devices) mandate in the United States has sent ripples through the North American trucking industry. Many truck drivers, shippers and carriers are concerned with the ruling, arguing that it will hinder driver safety and lead the industry to be less efficient. Concerns from drivers and carriers are valid, but the issue comes back to a simple difference in perspective: ELDs don’t have to be an exclusive compliance tool. When used effectively, this technology can make all parties more efficient, increasing earnings for drivers, revenue for carriers and reducing costs and time to market for shippers.

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Freightliner pre-series Cascadia hits Bison’s fleet

Bison is testing out the new Freightliner Cascade pre-series, which will likely be released as a 2018 model.
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Empowering our people through mentorship

The first principle of our Bison mission is to empower our people. One of the ways we do this is by fostering mentorship relationships – both formal and informal. As a person who has received mentorship over time, I’ve been the benefactor of working with mentors who intentionally met with me to help me grow in specific ways and they invested heavily in me as a person. I’ve also experienced 'mentorship in the moment' many times. Sometimes, I haven't even realized I’ve received mentorship until I've looked back and gain some perspective about how a situation has progressed or changed.

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Practicing environmental sustainability the SmartWay!

Bison Transport takes sustainability seriously. We are consistently promoting creativity and innovation to drive a sustainable business. We invest in the growth of our people, organization and communities, and embrace our responsibility to the environment.

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