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Eric Roeder, Instructor, Driver Development

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MORE Safe Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

When it comes to safety behind the wheel, we can’t limit our driving tips to a numbered list. We previously outlined suggestions and must-dos for truck driversHere are even more driving tips for professionals at the controls so everyone gets home safely at the end of the day.

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Truck Safety Tips for Summer

From top to bottom and front to back, truck drivers need to be mindful of many things during the summer months.

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Glug, Glug and You're Done!

Sometimes your airbags don’t inflate or the brakes don’t release in freezing temperatures. It could be that your brake shoes are frozen to the drum or that an air line or air valve is frozen somewhere – and that’s an easy fix.

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Top 5 Ways for Drivers to Improve Truck Fuel Economy

There are a number of ways Drivers can alter their habits to increase fuel efficiency while on the road!

With fuel prices on the rise, Drivers and carriers are looking for ways to increase fuel efficiency. While improvements in truck technology can help increase a truck’s fuel economy, driver behaviour largely impacts fuel consumption resulting in financial savings and less time filling up at the pump.

Bison has put together the top five ways Drivers can increase their fuel efficiency on the road. We hope you’ll find them helpful.

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Less weight, more freight! Bison adds 40 new Freightliner tractors to fleet


Bison is adding 40 new Freightliner Ultralight tractors to our fleet, benefitting both our Drivers and our customers!

 At Bison Transport we constantly invest in our fleet to ensure that our Drivers and customers have access to the latest in equipment and technology. You may have already read a little bit about how sometimes this dedication earns us special rewards like testing Freightliner’s pre-series Cascadia. While we only received one of those to test – out of 12 in North America, we’re adding 40 new Ultralight Freightliner tractors to our fleet!

While it’s a benefit for our Drivers to be equipped with the latest in technology, it’s also a benefit for our customers – and they are a large reason why we’ve added these new Ultralight tractors to our fleet.  The tractors are used for single-haul (non-LCV) use and because of their lighter weight, can haul heavier shipments.

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Freightliner pre-series Cascadia hits Bison’s fleet

Bison is testing out the new Freightliner Cascade pre-series, which will likely be released as a 2018 model.
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In-Cab Instructors Develop Next Generation Of Safe Drivers

In today’s favourable job market, experienced transport drivers are being given greater opportunity to increase their earning potential. In addition to base rates, carriers are offering safety bonuses, lane premiums and other incentives to persuade drivers to join their fleet.

Rarely, however, do transport drivers have the opportunity to advance in their career, increase their earnings and play an active role in the development of their peers as they do as an In-cab Instructor (ICI) with Bison Transport.

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Bison Empowers Drivers To Make The Right Decision

There are many conditions that can make driving extremely risky including poor visibility, slippery roads and heavy traffic.

A Driver’s personal condition when affected by fatigue, illness or stress can also lead to high risk and even unsafe driving.

These types of conditions are what we call adverse driving conditions. Professional Drivers must be skilled and knowledgeable to detect conditions like these in a timely manner and to make responsible decisions in the interest of safety.

Bison Transport’s Right to Decide (RTD) policy expects Drivers to make decisions that ensure they always make it home safely after each and every trip. Drivers have the responsibility to choose to suspend travel temporarily if they deem conditions to be unsafe. These decisions may include wearing proper safety gear to prevent injuries, using safe dock procedures, adjusting speed to conditions, increasing following distance, getting enough rest, taking a break when needed or even waiting out a storm in a safe place.

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10 Safe Driving Tips For Truck Drivers

As North America’s Safest Fleet we would like to share 10 Safe Driving Tips for Truck Drivers to prevent injuries and avoid dangerous situations while on the road.

10 Safe Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

  1. 3 Points of Contact: Remember to employ three points of contact at all times when entering or exiting the tractor, trailer, or climbing onto or down from the catwalk. This means always having both hands and one foot or both feet and one hand in contact with your equipment. Making this a habit can prevent slips, trips and falls!
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9 Essentials Of Sharing The Road Safely With Trucks

As North America’s Safest Fleet, Bison Transport has a great deal of safe driving knowledge. Because being safe is important for all types of drivers, we are taking this opportunity to share our knowledge with the general motoring public.

Several years ago, Bison created a course called “Let’s Bring Safety Home" which has now been delivered to over 300 of our non-driving staff and their families. The course was specifically designed to educate novice and non-truck drivers about road safety around trucks.

Bison is committed to ensuring every driver makes it home safely, which is why we have since adapted the previous course and created the “9 Essentials Of Sharing The Road Safely With Trucks”. These tips are ideal to share with all drivers, especially 'soon to be' drivers, so everyone is well informed on how to share the road safely with trucks.

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