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At Bison Transport, our people are at the centre of everything we do.

With that in mind, we asked a few of our Drivers to share one thing that drives them while they are behind the wheel!

Now, as part of our What Drives You campaign, we're running a Facebook contest to find out what motivates you in your everyday life!

To enter:

1) FOLLOW Bison Transport Recruiting

2) LIKE the contest post

3) COMMENT on the post, our wall or on your timeline and tell us what drives (motivates) you in your life! Feel free to share a photo as well. Make sure to always use the hashtag: #TellBisonWhatDrivesYou.

Contest ends 11:59 CST on January 31, 2016. A winner will be chosen at random and will receive a Bison diecast model truck. Please share with your friends! See rules and regulations below.

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President: Base Rate Increase Adds To Total Compensation Package


President and COO, Rob Penner, addresses the company at Bison's Annual Awards Dinner.

Bison will make another major investment in our Company Drivers beginning January 3, 2016, increasing base rates across most of our fleet. Owner Operator increases will be announced in the first quarter.

The pay increase comes at a time when many companies in our industry are holding the line in an attempt to manage costs. We’re doing the opposite, raising pay to make sure we attract and retain the best Drivers in the industry and keep them productive.

More than just a simple pay raise, this base rate increase is another example of our commitment to providing an excellent total compensation package, ensuring our Drivers are able to maximize their earning potential at Bison.

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In-Cab Instructors Develop Next Generation Of Safe Drivers

In today’s favourable job market, experienced transport drivers are being given greater opportunity to increase their earning potential. In addition to base rates, carriers are offering safety bonuses, lane premiums and other incentives to persuade drivers to join their fleet.

Rarely, however, do transport drivers have the opportunity to advance in their career, increase their earnings and play an active role in the development of their peers as they do as an In-cab Instructor (ICI) with Bison Transport.

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Operation Peanut: Bison Helps Paralyzed Dog Find New Home


One of Peanut's sisters drew this picture of her newest family member after arriving in Winnipeg.

A year ago, Peanut, a small dachshund from London, Ontario, was paralyzed. His family couldn't afford the surgery, and they worked tirelessly to help him regain his mobility. He started to gain limited control of his hindquarters just four months ago. He can walk, just not very well. Now, however, the mom has got to go back to work after her one-year maternity leave. This means little Peanut would be left alone, crated all day, unable to move and exercise, which would be detrimental to his recovery.

So Peanut’s family put out a plea on Facebook, asking if anyone who understood his condition would be able to take Peanut and provide a loving and caring environment for him. The message went out across all of Canada.

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Recognizing The Best: Annual Awards Dinners Put Drivers First

As North America’s Safest Fleet, and the recipient of over 30 industry awards since 2010, Bison Transport has a strong understanding of the hard work and dedication required to be recognized as an industry leader.

“Bison Transport is the best in the business because our organization has always been full of great people,” said Rob Penner, President and COO. “People who care about themselves and who care about others, who lead by example, who are safe and professional and who each make a difference.”

With that in mind, Bison has created one of the industry’s most comprehensive Driver recognition programs. From safety incentives to mileage milestones, Bison's Drivers are always rewarded for hard work and their commitment to safety. We also take time to recognize our dedicated office staff, who work tirelessly to support our Drivers and continue to push our organization forward.

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