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Start Your Career As A Summer Student At Bison!

Students in high-school, college, or university often find themselves in a unique situation. Having only 3-4 months of full-time availability in the summer before heading back to school in the fall makes it difficult for them to find jobs. It is even more difficult for them to find one that provides meaningful experience that will help in their pursuit towards a degree.

Several years ago, Bison created the Summer Student program. Students come to work for Bison upon finishing exams in the spring and work in a full-time capacity until school starts again in fall. The program has proven to be beneficial for both students and Bison. Students are tasked with meaningful work that challenges them to learn and develop. Over the years the program has grown and we hire several summer students every year.

We met with one of our past summer students (who now works with us full-time) to ask him about his experience as a student at Bison.

Jonathan Linton – Graduated from the Asper School of Business in December of 2014 with majors in Supply Chain Management and Entrepreneurship.


  • Summer 2013 – Driver Recruitment Assistant
  • Summer 2014 – LTL (less than load) Assistant
  • January 2015 – LTL Coordinator (full-time)
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Travel With Your Pet At Bison!

Truck Drivers often spend many days alone and away from home. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could bring your pet with you while on the road? At Bison Transport we have a program that enables our professional Drivers to bring a furry companion with them in the truck.

We interviewed Bonnie Cooper; one of our Company Drivers that brings her dogs with her while on the road:

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From The Highway To The Dragstrip

When Randy Kuryk, one of our professional Drivers, isn’t behind the wheel of a Bison truck he can often be found behind the wheel of his race car. We asked Randy to share some of his drag racing experiences.

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10 Safe Driving Tips For Truck Drivers

As North America’s Safest Fleet we would like to share 10 Safe Driving Tips for Truck Drivers to prevent injuries and avoid dangerous situations while on the road.

10 Safe Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

  1. 3 Points of Contact: Remember to employ three points of contact at all times when entering or exiting the tractor, trailer, or climbing onto or down from the catwalk. This means always having both hands and one foot or both feet and one hand in contact with your equipment. Making this a habit can prevent slips, trips and falls!
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A Day In The Life Of A Fleet Manager

Fleet Managers are an integral part of the operations of any transportation company. They work in a fast paced, exciting and challenging environment. Continue reading to learn more about the Fleet Manager position at Bison Transport!

Fleet Managers are responsible for the overall performance of Drivers on their fleet. Their primary focus is to optimize utilization of Drivers and trucks within their respective fleet ensuring our Drivers, customers and company expectations are met. Fleet Managers have a lead role in training, development and supervision to ensure that Bison's goals and interests are achieved. They are key players in building and maintaining relationships between our Drivers and various departments within Bison.

What does a typical day look like for a Fleet Manager?

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