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Get a Grip on Slips, Trips and Falls!


Devisys Traction Cleats

Slips, trips and falls accounted for 24% of Bison workplace injuries in 2014 and they continue to be the leading cause of workplace injury year over year. To tackle this issue, Bison recently conducted a trial of the Devisys Traction Cleats, which are designed to prevent accidents on slippery surfaces. I spoke with several Bison Transport Drivers who tested these traction cleats and who also recently dealt with a workplace injury because of a fall or slip. The most common question Drivers had about the cleats was whether or not they were going to be easy to wear while driving. “They were very comfortable and easy to put on,” said one Driver. “I would put them on before I left the house and wear them all day.” He also mentioned "they were unnoticeable while driving and didn’t cause any problems".

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Rolling Billboards Make A Difference


Kidney Foundation Organ Donation Saves Lives Trailer

At Bison, we are proud of our culture and the support we offer to many community organizations. Community and people are two of our core values and one way we fulfil these values is by supporting charities through the creation of trailer wraps, which are seen by thousands of people across North America, 365 days a year.

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Paving The Road Towards Change

It is well known that women are under-represented in the trucking industry. It is also common knowledge that there is a serious worker shortage across the trucking industry with trades and drivers being the most prevalent.

The Women with Drive National Advisory Committee is a new initiative established to remove barriers for women entering the transportation industry by examining the reasons why women are not considering trucking as a career choice.

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How Can You Attract And Engage Your Female Drivers

(By Ellen Voie. Originally published by Women In Trucking Association. Re-published with permission.)

If you are a typical trucking company, you have one female driver for every 19 males. This is the national average (around five percent). There are some carriers who enjoy a much higher female driver pool. What are they doing differently?

First, they have a culture that values and appreciates women. Years ago you could walk into a terminal and see more women in the mechanic’s calendars than you did in trucks. There were only men’s restrooms and showers and the few female drivers who entered the lounge were teased mercilessly.

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Celebrating The Women Behind The Wheel!

(By Ellen Voie. Originally published by Women In Trucking Association. Re-published with permission.)

Lillie Elizabeth Drennan never had an easy life. She was given up for adoption when she was three weeks old. She was raised by foster parents. Lillie lost much of her hearing when she contracted scarlet fever. She dropped out of school in fifth grade and worked for a telephone company until her hearing impairment made that the job difficult. She married when she was fifteen years old.

She gave birth to a son and was a single, divorced mother by the age of 17. She was married and divorced two more times.

Lillie and her second husband, Ernest Drennan, divorced in 1929 and Lillie took over the trucking business she and Earnest had started. It was called the Drennen Truck Line and based in Hempsted, Texas. That same year, the Railroad Commission granted her a commercial truck driver’s license (CDL). They were reluctant to grant her the CDL because of her hearing impairment, but she demanded they look at her driving record and won her right to drive a commercial vehicle.

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