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Bison Spreads Christmas Cheer

For the second year in a row Bison held its Cheer Challenge in support of the Winnipeg Cheer Board. Our goal was to help provide a better Christmas for 10 families in Winnipeg. Employees rose to the challenge and we were able to create 10 massive hampers, which displayed the caring and generous nature of our employees and far surpassed the basic requirements of the Cheer Board. And every child in our 10 families, all 32 of them, received two or more gifts to open Christmas morning.

The Cheer Challenge is a concept I came up last year where our entire Winnipeg terminal was divided into six teams. We created playing cards that represented all the food and supplies needed to create the 10 hampers. Teams selected cards and together purchased the items. The team with the most points won the Cheer Challenge.

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You Don't Need To Go Far To Help Someone In Need

In today’s internet rich, multi-media society we are routinely confronted with images of the world-wide struggle against poverty. We don't need to look outside our city or outside of Canada to find poverty - it is all around us. In a study of 17 developed nations, Canada has an average of 15.1 percent - 1 in 7 - children living below the poverty line (Conference Board of Canada 2013), and Manitoba’s child poverty rate is the second highest in Canada (Source: CBC, Nov 24, 2014) despite solid economic conditions in our province.

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6 ‘Must Know’ Winter Wildlife Driving Tips

On average, over 20 people are killed and over 1900 people are injured in this type of collision every year. Each year in Canada, over 30,000 animals are killed by collisions with vehicles.

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Pre and Post Trip Inspections a Sensory Experience

Bison Transport has a 12 step brake process in place that all Drivers are required to perform as part of the regular pre-trip vehicle inspection.


Treana, Professional Driver

One of our professional Drivers, Treana, takes her brake check a bit further by opening her window during the air leak check and the 6-pack brake application that is required to adjust automatic breaks slack adjusters. By opening her window she can actually listen and hear the sounds made by her truck during these processes in case something sounds different or off.

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Wreaths Across Canada Reaches Manitoba

Wreaths Across Canada is having the inaugural ceremony in Manitoba at the Field of Honour in Brookside Cemetery on Sunday, Dec 7 at 11:00am.

Since 2011 Wreaths Across Canada has been organizing and placing wreaths of remembrance upon the headstones of thousands of veterans in Beechwood National Military Cemetery in Ottawa. They are striving to expand this practice and see that every Military Cemetery in Canada is adorned with wreaths.

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If it costs me less to fill up my car in Western Canada, why is my fuel surcharge increasing?

Will The Trend In Fuel Surcharge Continue?

Crude oil is at its lowest level in years. Gas prices are falling across the country. The DOE National average for diesel fuel has been trending lower for several weeks, as have other Canadian traditional indexes. While fuel prices are trending downward in certain regions, they are actually trending upwards in others. This upward trend in certain regions has caused fuel surcharges to remain high despite some prices falling.

Trucking is a low margin business and fuel is a major cost component of a carrier’s total cost. Even the slightest move in fuel costs (up or down) can mean the difference between making a margin and losing money. Fuel surcharges are intended to offset those fuel cost changes, so the effect of changing fuel prices is neutralized. A fuel surcharge calculation that does not accurately offset fuel costs can be potentially fatal to a carrier.

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