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Rob Penner, President & CEO
December 04, 2014

Wreaths Across Canada Reaches Manitoba

Youth laying wreathes in cemetery

Wreaths Across Canada is having the inaugural ceremony in Manitoba at the Field of Honour in Brookside Cemetery on Sunday, Dec 7 at 11:00am.

Since 2011 Wreaths Across Canada has been organizing and placing wreaths of remembrance upon the headstones of thousands of veterans in Beechwood National Military Cemetery in Ottawa. They are striving to expand this practice and see that every Military Cemetery in Canada is adorned with wreaths.

Bison Transport is proud to partner with Wreaths Across Canada, the Royal Canadian Air Force 17 Wing and several other branches of our Canadian Armed Forces to bring the first wreath placing ceremony to Manitoba at the Field of Honour in Brookside Cemetery.

We are a business functioning within an industry that is critically dependent on freedom, security and open borders. We are also an industry that employs thousands of veterans and this is a great way to show our appreciation and respect.

Graves adorned with wreaths

Brookside Cemetery sits just up the road from us. This is Canada’s single largest Military Cemetery, with over 11,000 of our fallen military personnel buried in the Field Of Honor. It is truly a solemn place where you can’t help but feel proud to be Canadian. This year Bison Transport has arranged for the purchase and transportation of 240 wreaths, one wreath for every row of headstones.

Donate Now ButtonWe are committed to helping Wreaths Across Canada expand this initiative and we will work hard to gain the involvement of our industry, the business community at large and individual citizens so that perhaps next year, we have one wreath for every headstone. We have a lot of work to do but we are confident as leaders in our community, we will accomplish this goal.

Don Streuber, President and CEO of Bison Transport, and I will be attending, alongside current members of our Canadian Armed Forces, Cadets, The Knights of Columbus and the general public. This is Wreaths Across Canada’s first year here in Winnipeg, we are hoping to see a lot of community and industry support of this great cause.


Rob Penner 

About Wreath’s Across Canada

Young Boy with Wreath

Wreaths Across Canada drew it’s inspiration from Wreaths Across America, which has expanded from a small service at Arlington National Cemetery in 1992 and has grown to include wreath laying ceremonies in all 50 states.

Placing a wreath on the headstone of military personnel is a simple and personal way for Canadians to thank those who lie buried for their service and sacrifice to our country.

At the same time, we are paying our respects to the living as the families of our fallen have also made great sacrifice. It is comforting for them to know their loved ones are not forgotten, especially during the holiday season.

Current members of our military are also encouraged to see that Canadians truly appreciate all that has been done and all that continues to be done in the name of freedom and democracy.

Their Mission:

To Remember the contributions of Canadian military personnel who lie in military cemeteries across Canada.

To Honor those who served Canada in war and peace as members of our military forces.

To Teach Canadians, particular Canadian youth, the value of sacrifice paid for the preservation of freedom and democracy.

Please visit www.wreathsacrosscanada.ca to learn more and to contribute.

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