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Our New Trucks Are Amazing!

Some older Drivers may remember the first time they were issued a new tractor and how impressive it was to be blessed with an AM radio, along with a functional fresh air ceiling vent. If you were lucky, the driver’s seat was air powered, and if you were not, the windshield wipers were air powered, notorious for sticking. We have come a long way since, and the features on our new tractors are simply astounding!


Old Bison Tractor Trailer Early 70s Bison Tractor Trailer

Depending on the type or brand of tractor provided by Bison, new features can include:

LED Headlights:

This technology offers Drivers an improved daylight view of the road, expected to greatly reduce wildlife incidents, as well as reducing headlight bulb maintenance costs.

Bose Ride System Driver Seats:

These amazing seats reduce vibration by 90%–resulting in back pain and muscle aches, which allow them to be more productive. The seats have a built-in training system that talks–the system verbally coaches Drivers through proper seat adjustment techniques.

AM/FM/Satellite Radio/Weather/CD/USB Stereo Systems:

Include hands-free Bluetooth technology allowing Drivers to use smartphones in hands-free mode. Drivers can also load their entire music collection onto a USB stick that the system will play directly.

Fuel saving Heating, Venting, and Air Conditioning (HVAC):

The new Freightliner Evolution tractors also feature a new idling system called Opt-Idle that actually starts and stops the tractors engine as necessary to keep the Driver comfortable, the batteries charged, and the engine warm.

12 Speed Automated Manual Transmissions:

These transmissions shift gears seamlessly almost like an automatic transmission in a car. These ‘smart’ transmissions offer enormous fuel savings capability by always choosing the correct gear for the torque-band called for by current driving conditions.

Air-actuated Kingpin Release:

This system is provided to make a Driver’s life easier when dropping trailers.


Bison Freightliner Evolution LCV New Freightliner Evolution

For a visual overview of more features, please watch our YouTube video tours at the following links:

Volvo Truck Tour videoFreightliner Truck Tour video 

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