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Canada/U.S. Long-Haul Driving is a Bad Job = Fake News!

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It’s a fact of life that people going to and from the United States by road, water or air could experience delays at the border. There is no avoiding it. It could mean minutes or even hours of a driver waiting to continue through to the final destination.

Partner that with worries of discrimination or crime in the U.S., and it might affect a driver’s decision to take a cross-border route.

Bison drivers have been navigating with minimal disruption through cities that make up the industrial powerhouse that is our neighbour to the south. So what is the conclusion? Cross-border driving is a pretty sweet gig. The advantages are numerous.

Why Drive Canada/U.S. Long-haul?

A Smooth Ride

If you have driven Canadian roads for any length of time you undoubtedly have experienced the effects of the northern climate: bumps and potholes galore. The U.S. offers better road conditions that make the trip a smooth ride – literally. Also, traditionally there are more rest stops throughout the U.S. allowing drivers to take a quick break when on the road.

“We can stop more frequently in the U.S.,” said Prabhdeep Toor, a Bison driver for the past year. “From Mississauga to Winnipeg I think there are two washrooms at a truck stop. Travelling in the U.S. – Winnipeg to Minneapolis – there are at least five or six rest stops.”

On the logistics side of things, Bison has processes and systems in place to ensure shipments keep moving for Canada/U.S. drivers.

The customs team assists with readying paperwork to make cross-border commutes worry-free. The team prepares everything for drivers so they can focus on getting to the destination safely and on time. The customs and operations teams work hard at supporting drivers through every step of the process.

Pre-Trip Planning

Bison’s dispatch team is available 24-7. That means assistance is always in reach anywhere, any time. Bison makes available resources to ensure drivers get from point A to point B as efficiently as possible. Pre-trip planning means there is little to no wait time for the next plan and, as such, drivers keep moving.

Online resources such as Bison’s The Herd intranet site and the new Herd2Go app provide access to information about pay, plans, customs clearances, trailer locations, maintenance details and more with the click of a button or the touch of a screen.


“The website is great,” said Toor, who often drives Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and Kentucky. “We just click and send the info to the customs team. It saves us a lot of time. I don’t have to park, shut off the truck, walk to the office (at the border) and wait in line. If you are using your phone: take a picture of the paperwork and send it through the app.”

Great care is taken in route planning to direct drivers along the best roads, highways and interstates. Because of this, the earning potential is maximized as drivers see an increase in their efficiency, mileage and pay.

U.S. Pay Premiums

Bison offers drivers a U.S. mileage premium as part of its compensation package, paying per mile and for every trip across the border.

Factor in the opportunity of having a planned reset in sunny U.S. destinations and it could make the downtime more enjoyable than in a cold Canadian climate. Enjoy the warmth of Texas or the coastline of California instead of trying to stay warm in the Great White North.

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service reports that 73 per cent of Canadian exports are shipped to the United States. That means Canada/U.S. shipping is in high demand. These routes are a lucrative career opportunity for drivers.

Check out even more reasons why The Grass Is Greener for driving Canada/U.S. with Bison Transport.

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