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Top 5 Ways for Drivers to Improve Truck Fuel Economy

There are a number of ways Drivers can alter their habits to increase fuel efficiency while on the road!

With fuel prices on the rise, Drivers and carriers are looking for ways to increase fuel efficiency. While improvements in truck technology can help increase a truck’s fuel economy, driver behaviour largely impacts fuel consumption resulting in financial savings and less time filling up at the pump.

Bison has put together the top five ways Drivers can increase their fuel efficiency on the road. We hope you’ll find them helpful.

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Bison's LCVs reduce greenhouse gas emissions

LCVs increase weight per mile, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Long Combination Vehicle (LCV) network continues to expand in Canada with the recent government program expansion in Ontario at the beginning of the year. This allows more LCVs to be on the road and helps us to reduce our carbon footprint even more! In 2016, Bison LCV's drove 21 per cent of our more than 144,000,000 total miles, and the expansion means we can have even more LCVs on the road.

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5 Reasons Shippers Should Care About Electronic Logging Devices

ELDs will not only affect both drivers and but shippers too.

As the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate looms closer, it’s clear to see why professional drivers should care. As the rule comes into play, here are five ways the ELD mandate is likely to impact our industry.

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A-Z on ELDs: A Driver’s Guide to Electronic Logging Devices

The recent electronic logging device (ELD) mandate in the United States has been met with plenty of pushback from professional drivers, who are worried the new regulation will increase driver harassment.

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LCV program expansion in Ontario is good news for Bison

The expansion to the LCV program in Ontario is good news for Bison Transport and the entire transportation industry.

At the end of January, the Province of Ontario announced that they were clearing the way for more Long Combination Vehicles (LCVs), eliminating the cap of 16 permits per carrier and only allowing 100 carriers in the program. New vehicle configurations and more highways on which the vehicles can travel have also been introduced.

From Bison’s perspective, the LCV expansion in Ontario is positive for Drivers, shippers, and the general motoring public.

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