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A-Z on ELDs: A Driver’s Guide to Electronic Logging Devices

The recent electronic logging device (ELD) mandate in the United States has been met with plenty of pushback from professional drivers, who are worried the new regulation will increase driver harassment.

Concerns from drivers are valid, but it all comes down to a simple difference in perspective: ELDs do not have to be used exclusively for compliance. When used effectively, the ELD technology can make all parties more efficient, increasing earnings for drivers and pushing our industry forward.

We’ve developed a guide to help drivers familiarize themselves with the ELD mandate, and demonstrate how ELDs can be used as efficiency tools benefitting drivers, carriers, and shippers alike. The guide provides information on key dates, the ELD mandate in Canada, hours of service, enforcement practices and how drivers can be proactive in preparing for the mandate.

While there is a lot to consider regarding the upcoming ELD mandate, when managed properly, ELD technology can improve efficiency and benefit everyone in the transportation industry. We hope you find this guide useful as you drive forward during this transition.


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