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CASE STUDY: The Anatomy of a Corporate Fundraising Campaign

Bison Transport raised $100,153 for CancerCare Manitoba Foundation’s 2015 Challenge for Life (CFL). This is the third time Bison has earned the top spot in the Corporate Teams category. Over the past 6 years we have raised over $519,790 for Challenge For Life! Bison is truly a caring organization and we are proud of our people.

The purpose of sharing this case study is to help other corporations in their own fundraising efforts.

Here are the 2015 stats:

57 walkers

$100,153 raised

$20,000 contributed by Bison

$1,757 average raised per walker

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New Degree, No Job?

Posted on June 8, 2015 by Bison 0 Comments ↓

Many organizations are hesitant to hire recent university graduates because of their limited experience. There are some perceptions about Millennials such as a sense of entitlement and a poor work ethic that make finding employment more difficult.

At Bison we haven’t found this to be the case. We actively hire new grads and have found them to be tech-savy, talented, flexible and socially conscious. They are a great addition to our company and have made many positive contributions while learning and developing.

Due to the success of our recent grads we've formalized our New Grad Program (NGP). All students are matched up with a mentor and rotate through specific functional areas at Bison. The purpose of mentoring in the NGP is to provide an opportunity for new graduates to develop a relationship with an assigned mentor who can offer advice and insight on the Transportation Industry, as well as the strategic direction that Bison Transport is pursuing. The mentor shares job related information and personal experiences with the New Grad to help them navigate their own career.

Here is Jason's story:

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9 Essentials Of Sharing The Road Safely With Trucks

As North America’s Safest Fleet, Bison Transport has a great deal of safe driving knowledge. Because being safe is important for all types of drivers, we are taking this opportunity to share our knowledge with the general motoring public.

Several years ago, Bison created a course called “Let’s Bring Safety Home" which has now been delivered to over 300 of our non-driving staff and their families. The course was specifically designed to educate novice and non-truck drivers about road safety around trucks.

Bison is committed to ensuring every driver makes it home safely, which is why we have since adapted the previous course and created the “9 Essentials Of Sharing The Road Safely With Trucks”. These tips are ideal to share with all drivers, especially 'soon to be' drivers, so everyone is well informed on how to share the road safely with trucks.

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