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A Day in the Life of a Bison Customer Service Representative

Bison Transport Customer Service Rep

At Bison, our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) help to keep our business running, and are an integral part of maintaining the company's relationship with our clients.

So, what does it take to be a Customer Service Representative for Bison? We asked Jay, who is one of our CSRs, to share what a typical day looks like for him. 

Jay’s morning always starts with a couple of cups of Bison’s office coffee, which he says is priced just right for him at “free”. He spends his day updating customers on the status of their freight, booking new freight in Bison’s areas of need, problem solving, and working together with Bison customers and planners to ensure our customers’ needs are met. You will see that Jay works hard, but he also embraces Bison’s award-winning culture and has a lot of fun, too (it’s easy to make friends when you keep a drawer full of candy).

As part of our “Meet the Herd” series, we’ve put together a video about Jay that we hope will give you some insight into the typical day of a Bison CSR. This role requires a high degree of interaction, both internally and externally, and this video will give you a glimpse into what you can be a part of.

 So without further adieu, we’re pleased to introduce you to Jay!


To apply at Bison, please visit bisontranpsort.com/careers.

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