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What Do Best Friends, Road Trips and Trucking Have in Common? Let Us Tell You....

Team Driving Jocelynn and Viktor Vas enjoy spending time together on the road as Bison Team Drivers.

Remember the last road trip you took across the country with your best friend? The endless playlists of old-school sing-alongs, the time to chat and the wonder of seeing the country pass by through the window. Wouldn’t you love it if you could make this experience your day job?

Husband and wife Jocelynn and Viktor Vas have done just that. They enjoy travelling the country and spending time with one another as part of their career as a Company Team with Bison.

Viktor began a team driving job with his father and, after his dad decided to cut back on his driving hours, Jocelynn, who had spent seven years working at a law firm, shifted careers to begin driving team with her husband. “I resigned from the law firm in favour of greater compensation – I more than doubled my income–, a more flexible work schedule, and the opportunity to work and travel with my husband,” Jocelynn said.

Viktor says in addition to getting to spend time with his wife, and not missing her and home while he’s on the road, it’s comforting to drive with someone he has such a close relationship with.

“I don’t think I could drive with someone I just met. It would have to be someone I know – my wife, a good friend, a parent ­ – because my life is in their hands while I’m sleeping. Most people who team drive seem to be good friends, or family members,” Viktor said. “Plus, it’s much easier to sync your lives together when you’re not strangers.”

Viktor and Jocelynn began a team driving job for another company, but quickly made the switch to Bison because of the company’s reputation, both for being safe and for treating Drivers well.

“It’s important to belong to a company that has a good safety reputation, and a good reputation in general,” Viktor said. "The company’s reputation precedes us when we’re driving, during safety inspections and when we show up to a customer.”

Viktor and Jocelynn said feeling taken care of as a Driver is crucial when choosing a company to work for. From the terminals to the trucks, they said it’s clear that Bison is set up with the Drivers in mind.

“Ever since day one, it’s been an amazing feeling,” Joceylnn said. “It makes us feel important. We love it.”

What are some of your favourite things about taking a road trip with your loved one? If you think you’d like to make it into a career, learn more about Team Driving Jobs with Bison by clicking the link below.

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