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Canada/US Northeast Short Haul: Drive less, make more

Many people still believe professional Drivers are gone for weeks and weeks at a time (think Smokey and the Bandit) but this isn’t the case anymore, at least at Bison. We offer a wide variety of lifestyle options to our Drivers, and work closely to help them find a run and schedule that best fits their needs. Recently, our Canada/US Northeast Short Haul fleet has been experiencing strong growth and the reason is simple: our Drivers are able to make more money while working less so they’re able to spend more time at home with family and friends.

In the first and second videos of our Canada/US Northeast Short Haul series, you met Nick “Tiny” Caleca. He’s been driving with Bison since 2008, and he made the switch from Open Board to our Canada/US Short Haul Northeast fleet in early 2016. He’s already told us about the increased earning potential, addressed some of the myths that surround driving the Eastern seaboard and talked about the advantages of being part of the Bison family.

In the third and fourth videos, Tiny talks about the advantages to the Eastern Seaboard schedule and his ability to be home almost every other night, driving less miles and making more money.


Running on a dedicated Eastern Seaboard schedule means I’m home almost every other night. My family can come meet me, or I can go home. I don’t have to stock up with 2-3 weeks worth of laundry, food supplies or water supplies because I’m in the terminal every second night to every third night. I’m running less supplies, with less wear and tear mentally and physically. I’m more relaxed and at ease.

Canada/US Shorthaul

Tiny’s Schedule

While schedules will vary between Drivers, Tiny is able to drive a schedule that works for him. He makes two to three rounders to the Eastern Seaboard each week, allowing him to be back in the home terminal every second night, with a day off on Saturday. He drives an average of 2,000 -2,500 miles each week.

Tiny's Schedule

 Miles Comparison:

On the Eastern Seaboard run, Tiny’s goal is to drive 5,000 miles per pay period (every two weeks). On Open Board, his goal was to run his full 70-hour cycle and get as close to 6,500 miles per pay period as he could. That makes a difference of 1,500 miles per pay period while making the same amount of money.

If Tiny is sitting at a customer for more than two hours, he gets paid by the hour and if he’s waiting at the border for more than an hour, he gets paid hourly. If he gets delayed with a trailer breakdown, he gets paid for detention time.

“All your times are paid for, there is no wasted time. Bison compensates us if there’s a delay,” Tiny said.

“I’m running less miles for more money,” Tiny said. “Try the Eastern Seaboard for yourself, and see the new way of life!”

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