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Rethinking Retail – The challenges of shipping retail display fixtures cross-border

Good Store Fixture Logistics ExampleShipping retail display fixtures cross-border may not be top of mind when thinking about the retail landscape in North America, but it is big business and it is rapidly changing. 

Consolidation is all around us, as large retailers gobble up small retailers, and in some cases small retailers are acquiring large retailers. Mix into that the growing online retailing, and the emergence of ‘Omni-channel shopping’, and it’s clear that we need to look at cross-border retail logistics with a fresh set of eyes. Brick and mortar stores positioned in key markets remain a fundamental piece of a successful retailer strategy, and the displays and fixtures inside those stores must be relevant and appealing to capture the eye and interest of today's savvy shopper.

For years, Canadian retailers have sourced store fixtures, including shelving and displays, from U.S. store fixture vendors located in various parts of the U.S. Coordinating the movement of these fixtures & displays from the southern U.S. to hundreds of Canadian stores is a monumental task.

Today's retail customers have complex needs and plenty of shopping options. In order to compete, retailers are looking for ways to make their store displays and the customer shopping experience increasingly stimulating. Creative use of store displays and fixtures, strategically placed in stores across a broad geographical network, at the right time, is paramount to their success. In today’s consolidated retailer world, a new method of handling store fixture logistics has emerged.

Better Store Fixture Logistics Example

Bison Transport understands the challenges of handling cross-border store fixture shipments. By leveraging a combination of our award-winning Full Truckload services and our Domestic LTL services, Bison provides reliable solutions resulting in less risk and more control over the status and movement of your shipments. Dealing with one single carrier provides ease of mind as exposure and the potential for claims is reduced.

Please visit BisonTransport.com today to learn more about our simplified solutions to access your network or contact a member of our sales team today by clicking below. 

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