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Bison celebrates National Trucking Week across Canada

The Canadian Trucking Alliance, in conjunction with provincial trucking associations, launched National Trucking Week several years ago. The purpose of the weeklong celebration is to recognize the important contributions made by the 400,000 Canadian men and women who keep the country’s freight moving.

Carriers and industry suppliers have hosted barbecues, breakfasts, truck washes, offered special giveaways to employees and marked the weeklong event with a variety of activities.

At Bison, the festivities were in full swing as we celebrated with something special for everyone to show our appreciation. All six Bison terminals participated.


Lunch was provided at a truck-pull competition. Staff cheered on our internal teams as they enjoyed the weekly summer lunch provided by Bison. The winners at the Winnipeg terminal later participated at the Manitoba Trucking Association Annual Truck Pull at Assiniboine Park. 

Coffee and cookies were served in each of our terminals. Also, during the week, local food trucks were parked outside our buildings and filled the air with some delicious smells. It certainly drove people outside to enjoy a great meal.

There were a lot of giveaways throughout the week. Our terminals hosted an online trivia game where participants were entered in a draw to win a gift certificate. We also gave away gift cards throughout the week to our hardworking staff as a thank you for their commitment to our company and the industry. Our driver services team presented its team with custom-made notebooks as a token of appreciation.

20180907_161106The surprises continued with our Driver Ambush surprise giveaway. At random times throughout the day, each of our terminals quickly decorated and surprised the next driver to walk through the door with balloons, confetti and a special gift. Check out the video below to see the giveaways play out.

As National Trucking Week came to an end, our recruiting team hosted a barbecue that was open to those interested in Bison. It was a great opportunity for us to meet other industry professionals and members of the community interested in the transportation industry.

It takes serious time and effort to acquire the skills needed to handle a truck — and not everyone can do it. There’s always more training to be had – from mastering the latest technology to learning a new company’s way of doing things.

We celebrate all the talented and dedicated men and women who keep things moving by truck.


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