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Bison Challenges Drivers to Meet Seasonal Shipping Needs

“I find it fascinating that a snowflake, by itself, can be so delicate; but when they team-up, they can close-down an entire city.” ― Steve Maraboli

Football teams get together every week and review their previous performances, formulate a strategy for their next opponent, and then set team and individual goals. This concept is similar to what we do here at Bison. We regularly meet to discuss our performance last month and last week (utilization, on time delivery, etc.). During these meetings we set goals and commitments for the next week and for the next quarter.

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Winter Survival Kit


The winter of 2013/14 was the colde st winter since 1898! Time will tell if this season will be better or worse, regardless winter is here for the next 5-6 months, so it is critical to be prepared.


You should always include items that would help you survive 12-24 hours without the benefit of the in-cab heater. Here is a MUST HAVE ‘Winter Survival Kit’ for driving in the winter:


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4 HOT Tips to Start Tractors in COLD Weather


Cold weather starts on diesel trucks can be especially tough on the vehicle. Four things are necessary to achieve a smooth start:
  1. Free flowing diesel fuel
  2. Heat at combustion point
  3. Free flowing oil
  4. A strong enough battery
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I Like Bananas: How the price of fuel can affect the availability of our favourite commodities


I like bananas. In fact, they are my favorite food. But, sadly, bananas don’t grow in Winnipeg. Good news is that we have truck transportation to move products like bananas all over our continent.

I think we all know that energy has a huge impact on our economy. The ‘price per barrel’ of oil is regularly reported in the news. When there is a spike in the price, the news media seem to go into frenzy. Interestingly, most of us have never bought a barrel of oil. Sure, we know it is important stuff but, it’s pretty far removed from us. Right?

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Hungry For Opportunity: Tamas describes his family’s new start in Canada


For Tamas’ family, moving to Canada to drive with Bison Transport was a dream come true.


In 2008, Tamas was a truck driver in Europe had to be away from his family for 6 weeks at a time. He drove all over Europe – everywhere but Hungary! He lived in his cramped day cab and could only bring small amounts of food and clothes, and he soon realized that something had to change. He could no longer tolerate being away from his family for long periods while barely making enough money to survive.

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What is The Transporter?

Welcome to the first official post from The Transporter, Bison Transport’s blog! The Transporter is designed to inspire, inform and stimulate discussions with our readers, not just the ones that work with Bison but readers in the trucking industry as a whole. Here are some stories you can expect to find in The Transporter:

1) Meet Glenn Schultz, a professional Bison Driver who has lost over 100 lbs. Over a series of posts you will learn what the turning point was for Glenn, how he got started and what he has done to stay on the path to wellness.

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