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Bison Transport's Top 5 Videos of 2016

There is a lot of exciting planning and preparation that happens behind the scenes when it comes to making videos, and 2016 was a big year for video production at Bison. We produced more videos than ever before, and tried many new and innovative ideas! As we move into the New Year, we’ll be working on even more videos and creating live content, giving you, the viewers, the inside scoop on what’s happening at Bison.

It was you who took the took the time to watch our content and ultimately, decided which videos were the most popular. So, let’s get right to it and take a look at our Top 5 videos of 2016.

  1. 2017 Ultralight Freightliner Tractor Tour


Coming in at number five is the 2017 Ultralight Freightliner Cascadia Truck Tour. Our hosts, Steven and Eric, engage in witty banter while outlining the upgraded benefits for both our Drivers, and our customers with this completely redesigned model. The banter surrounding the pros and cons of Bison adding these tractors to our fleet gives the video a Top Gear feel!

  1. Right To Decide Series 


Safety is at the forefront of all we do here at Bison. We feature many our Drivers in our videos, and they often mention how important safety is to their daily work. Our Right To Decide series puts the viewer in the Driver’s seat. We used a GoPro Hero 4 for this project with the head-strap mount to give our viewers an authentic experience of what it’s like to be out on the road. Most importantly, this series demonstrates how important it is to support our Drivers and Bison’s Right to Decide policy.

  1. Nick “Tiny” Caleca – Eastern Short Haul Driver  

This year, with the opening of the new and expanded Mississauga terminal and the demand of freight in North-Eastern US, our Driver Services team received an influx of calls regarding Driving jobs in this region. Many Drivers had misconceptions about these lanes, thinking they would be sitting more than turning rubber, so we set out to debunk the rumors.

I hopped in the truck with professional Bison Driver, Nick “Tiny” Caleca for a two-day trip to Saddlebrook, New Jersey. Nick showed me firsthand that much of what Drivers thought of these lanes was untrue. While this was one of the first times we filmed on the road with one of our Drivers over a couple of days, you can expect to see more videos like this in 2017!

  1. DAHON Folding Bike Contest



 If you’re a regular visitor to 0ur blog, you probably entered our contest to win a DAHON folding bike. Aside from garnering a lot of entries to win the bike, we were able to tell another Driver’s story. Roger Mansfield, a professional Driver out of our Langley terminal, has built quite the following on Instagram and Twitter. We reached out to Roger and asked if he would be interested in testing out the folding bikes and give us feedback. Roger decided to get his own GoPro and recorded some cool shots while he was out on the bike. The extra shots really showed Roger’s perspective and his weight-loss journey while using the DAHON bikes on the road. Thanks again for helping us with these videos, Roger!


  1. 2018 Pre-Series Freightliner Cascadia Truck Tour 



Finally, our number one video of 2016 was the 2018 Pre-Series Freightliner Cascadia Truck Tour which came in at more than 100,000 views to date. When we received the truck, we only had a few days to do the shoot before Bison Driver Jack Fielding took it out on the road. We had to do multiple takes of the video as we kept stopping in amazement at how much had been upgraded from previous models. We were excited by how fast this video grew in views and interaction. Though it’s not our most viewed at the moment, I guarantee it will surpass our top-viewed video in the next few months.

Thanks for sharing and watching our videos this year. What would you like to see from Bison in 2017? Please tell us by commenting below.

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