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Canada/US Northeast Short Haul: Non-Stop In The Northeast

With a wide variety of lifestyle options, Bison works closely with our Drivers to find a run and schedule that best suits their needs. Recently, it has been our Canada/US Northeast Short Haul Fleet that is experiencing strong growth, and the reason is simple: our Drivers are making more and working less, so they’re able to spend more time at home with family and friends.

Nicolo “Tiny” Caleca, who has been driving with Bison since October 2008, recently made the move from Open Board to our Canada/US Northeast Short Haul Fleet and is really enjoying his new lifestyle.


Tiny Caleca Bison Driver Tiny recently switched to the Canada/US Northeast Short Haul Fleet and enjoys his new lifestyle.


“Before I switched I was running a 70-hour cycle and out for roughly two weeks at a time, so there were never really any set days off to be at home with the family,” Tiny said. “Now I have a steady start date and steady home time, so I get the weekend off and I can still have a social life and a family life.”

In addition to getting time off each week, our Canada/US Northeast Short Haul Drivers, who can be based out of Mississauga, Ottawa or Dorval, run round trips into the Northeast United States, meaning they are able to get home between runs every two or three nights.

Increased Earning Potential

Not only does the Canada/US Northeast Short Haul run provide our Drivers with additional home time, it also puts them in a position to earn more money while spending less time on the road.

“The average run is 400-500 miles for the day, so we’re not running as hard and there’s less fatigue as a driver,” Caleca said.

As a Company Driver, Canada/US Northeast Short Haul Fleet members earn $0.48 per mile, with a two-cent per mile US premium, while Owner Operators earn $1.34 per mile, plus the two-cent per mile premium and a fuel subsidy.

For Owner Operators, however, great mileage rates aren’t the only financial benefit. The reduced mileage and improved road quality make the trips much easier on the equipment compared to running with a typical open board fleet.

“There’s less wear and tear on the truck,” Tiny said. “And the reduced mileage is a big advantage for Owner Operators, because less mileage means the warranty on the truck lasts longer.”

Canada/US Shorthaul



When it comes to running in the Northeast, many professional Drivers are initially hesitant.

“There’s too much traffic,” they’ll say. Or maybe they want nothing to do with the big city: “You want me to go through New York City? No way!” And for some, it’s the tight quarters, “The streets there are too narrow, and it’s a nightmare trying to get into some of those delivery locations.”

However, at Bison, that simply isn’t the case. Our operations team works closely with Drivers to navigate the region and ensure Drivers are comfortable with their run.

Tiny, for example, typically runs from Mississauga through New York State, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, but has his run scheduled to help him avoid traffic.

“There really haven’t been any issues with traffic or backups,” Tiny said. “I’ve only ever dealt with one traffic jam, and that was because of bridge construction.”

As for actually running into New York City, Bison is able to work with Drivers to keep them entirely clear of the Big Apple if they aren’t comfortable being there.

If Drivers do end up driving into the city, we are often able to send them in at night, when traffic is minimal, and even arrange for parking with some of our well-established customers in the region.

Aside from New York City, there is a common concern from many professional Drivers that, with the Northeast region being so heavily populated, they’ll be many areas that are particularly difficult to navigate with a tractor trailer. Again, our Drivers will be the first to tell you that, at Bison, that hasn’t been an issue:

“The idea of tight spots on the Northeast route is a myth,” Tiny said. “There’s nothing that a Driver won’t have dealt with before. All of the facilities I’ve picked up at or delivered to have had more than enough room for our trucks to get into.”

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