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Rob Penner, President & CEO
November 10, 2014

Reflection and Remembrance


PPCLI TrailerNovember is a natural time for reflection and remembrance in Canada. Over the next couple of posts we will highlight some of the activities that Bison engages in to support our Canadian Armed Forces.

As a ‘military friendly employer’ Bison was honored to support the PPCLI (Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry) Memorial Baton Relay this past summer. PPCLI celebrated their 100th Anniversary with the relay which started on August 8th in Edmonton, AB and concluded on September 21st in Ottawa, ON.

PPCLI Memorial Baton RelayBison transported a specialty wrapped PPCLI 53’ trailer across Canada during the six week relay. Now that the Memorial Baton Relay is completed please watch for the PPCLI trailer on a road near you! The trailer will act as a reminder of the great strides and sacr
ifices that the PPCLI has made on behalf of Canada for the past century.

I would like to give a special thank you to the many people at Bison that made this sponsorship happen, and I would also like to thank PPCLI for inviting us to participate in this momentous event.

To learn more about career opportunities for military personnel looking to transition to civilian life, please visit: bisondriving.com/military




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